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Cheating Boyfriend Letter

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I have been with him for 4 years now and we live with each other. He cheated on me while I was pregnant with our first child. We are not married yet. I am not sure if it was more than once that he cheated on me...he is saying it is. I want to know for sure. Each time I ask him how many times he cheated he writes me e-mail messages like this///Please tell me what to look out for in these type of letters. Tell me what you think of it!!!!!!!!!! Is it a good letter????????? OR Do I need to move on!!!!!!! Here Goes:


I AM SO SORRY THAT I EVER CHEATED ON YOU... i am not cheating on you

and i never ever will.

when you found out i was so worried and extremely scared that i was

going to lose you. that was the scariest

time of my life by far. it basically scared me straight, now it is not

like i was ever going to do it again, but that will definatly keep me

from ever even thinking of that... i still don't what the hell i was

thinking then.

i not ever going to cheat on you, for fear, for love, for trust, and

for you. i love you

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cheating is cheating. I wouldn't trust any e-mails of his. I'm sorry but cheating is wrong. It's all up to you on how you want to handle ur situation. If you love him a lot and want to continue the relationship that's your decision, if you want to move on, then move on. I mean why did he cheat on you in the first place if he loves you? I never really understood why people cheat. I've read articles about it and "telling if you s/o is cheating or not" Good luck to you tho.



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it sounds like he really is sorry, but i never feel bad for the peoplr who cheat. i don't see the point in cheating & i don't understand why when people cheat, they always say, "im sooo sorry, i love you, i'll never do it again". how can you trust that person. i mean, obviously they could cheat the first time, whats going to keep them from doing it again? im not saying that for sure your bf will cheat on you again, but what really will stop him. cheaters never think that their bf/gf will find out that they are cheating. they always think they will get away with it. i think that when cheaters apologize for those things, they don't completely mean it. i think they are only saying that because they are worried you will leave them. in my opinion, they don't deserve another chance. how could someone say they care soo much for you hurt you soo bad? i know its hard to leave someone after they cheated on you because you still love them, but you deserve someone who is happy with just being with you & would never consider cheating. i think you should go with your heart. if you believe that he will never ever cheat on you again, & you want to be with him, then be with him.

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