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well i was dating this guy for about 2 months and everything was going good.Then like this thing happened and a couple of his friends didn't like me anymore but we still talked.But then he started to become distant from me little by little. He told my best friend that he liked me but he didn't want a relationship cause he just got out of a three year relationship but he wants one with me in the future. I go tired of the way he was acting towards me because i didn't do anything to him i was the nicest person to him.I sent him a message and told him that i feel used and he hurt my feelings and it's on him if he care or not. But like that night he called me twice but i was sleeping so i didn't answer my cell phone and like evrytime he would call i would never hear my phone ring,so he stoped calling and i never called him.And it's beenabout a montha and a half since i've talked to him or seen him.so i called him and told him i didn't want to feel weird around him and i wanted us to be friends.Cause we have some of the same friends. So he calls my best friend casue they are friends too. And told her oh yea ur friend called me and she woke me up that made me mad.that's all he could say.and before i called him he would refer to me as what's her name cause my friend says he didn't like to talk about me i don't get it. He was so nice to me i was always at his house and he introduced me to like his whole family .But now he's dating this stripper girl. a i don't get it she is not pretty at all everyone talks about her,she's gross,she's a stripper.But i saw them together and i got so sad.i just wnat to start talking to him again i really miss, i know it was only 2 months but we spent everyday 2 gether if we weren't together we were on the phone. Now i need to know how to get him back and how to make him remember how good we got along,i want him 2 miss me too.he also told my best friend that he would never be with a stripper he's just talking to her.What do i Do??? Please help!!!!!!

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Talk to him. STraight out. Tell him hes missed, but dont take any junk from him. Be strait out and say trust me or don't. You have to be brutally honest- or you will lose him for good. Or maybe get that friend of yours to find more out, thne you can take more aggressive action.

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Ignore him!


He's dating a stripper. If that's his cup of tea, then it certainly isn't you. If he can't truly appreciate a classy lady like you, then he'll regret it later when this stripper chick dumps him for someone new, then he'll be crawling back on hands and knees to be with you.


I've been through this scenario already, my ex called and wanted me back. He was such a liar, he acted as if he missed the old times.


I'm just letting you know my experience so that you can see that something similar will happen to you in the future.


I look at my ex now, and just laugh. Sooner or later, when you find someone new, this ex of yours will just look like a joke.


It's only natural that you miss him, but seriously, he is not worth it!

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let's not judge strippers. they are humans too. perhaps a more cynical/practical view to their personal assets.


he's going out and you want him back. and after a long history of miscommunication. frankly, it looks pessimistic. after all, miscomms is a major cause of all relationship issues (i should know!)


i suppose the 2 months mean a lot to you, but obviously it didn't mean that much to him. he used you as a rebound after his 3-year relationship. these things happen. not that i condone this sort of deplorable behaviour.


don't believe that sort of crap about "i like you, but not right now. sometime in the future."


get over him. you shouldn't have problems finding a better man. and learn from your lesson. never give your heart to a man on the rebound

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Maybe try to really be his friend and not obsess over him. Get on with your life and try to be happy. If it's meant to be he'll come back to you if not maybe you'll meet someone in the process. Guys are all about denial when they first break up with someone. maybe he was just looking for a rebound girl and he didn't want that to be you.

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