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an unexpected relationship.....

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hello everybody. First of all I'd like to say this is a super side. Everybody here are such great people. I would like u all to take u out for a drink or something .

Anyway, for the past 1 month I knew this girl and I really have a nice time with her everytime we go out. She flirted with me a few time. I also flirted with her a few times but much less than her. I mean she's smart, very beatifull, funny but I always have been very very very picky in women. 8)

Two days ago , we went out for a drink with me, her and another bunch of people, friends actually. We were sitting there for 3 hours and suddendly me and her started to feel a little bored there. (The rest of the company there were 26-27 years old but me and her we are just 21). So we decided (me&her) to get the hell out of there and just go for a luna-park or something. And so we did.

As we were on that big wheel and me drinking my coke she suddendly grab my knee (we never touched each other) and said to me ''I think you are very handsome, an excellent character, super funny and I want to have a relationship with u''. Needless to say I was very shocked, it was unexpected and just spit unconsiously my coke from my mouth and nose . I said to her ''Well, we can try but I don't know u that good''.

Now its been two days she calls me all the time, texts me, faxes me (that is a joke ). But as this two day passed Ive started to like her more and more and started to call her too with the amount as she does!!!!!!

I dont know what to do now. Im still a little a bit shocked. Should I try and see if it works? Should I tell her I need some time? I mean I do like her but not that ''wow'' thing.

In my life Ive very fortunate because all the girls I used to like they always made the first move torwards me. Ive been told (from female friends) that Im really handsome and funny maybe thats why.

Now I need some advice what to do. any advice would very helpful.


Thanx for ur time

Enotalone rules!!!

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Well it sounds like u got the perfect package, handsome and a sense of humor, ( I am only cute with a sense of humor haha) anyway


First of all go out with her and take things as they come I mean be yourself, love and attraction is natural it cant be forced, u cant take a medicine for it and get up and say hey I feel attracted to you now.


I think more time u spend with her and talk to her share stuff activities and all the more you will learn about your feelings for her and how you feel ; people tend to grow on you once you spend time with them, that’s for the wow thingy bit , that will come in a reasonable amount of time , plus it sounds like a very healthy relationship for a starting .


Go for it , just don’t hurt her be her knight in shining armor, love we don’t get easy so I would say you are a lucky guy .


Good luck


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i agree this place ROCKS! i love the feeling of helping people, even if i dont know them. its places like this that keep society in order, and im SO proud to be apart of it! haha that drink sounds like a super idea! i'll take you up on it!!!!


as for you and this girl, sounds like your pretty set up! well luckily enough you didnt have to do anything and she just jumped straight in! what happens from now is ALL up to you. sounds like she likes you so dont forget to consider her feelings whatever you choose. if your having fun with this close contact then by all means continue, however, too much contact too early can lead to disinterest later on.


haha as for how you've been described id say you are very lucky! ofcourse looks are not first on the list, and only matter in first impressions, everything past that is personality, so if you've got one then your set!


so have fun with this relationship but be careful with her heart. keep us updated!


~good on you! have fun~

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Hey. First up, I'd like to welcome you to enotalone on behalf of everyone. I'm sure u've taken a nice step towards finding support and advice from many people of various ages from around the world which will be around for a while.


lol the coke thing! I would've been slightly shocked but lol i don't think that would've happened for me.


Ok so you like her but not like that. Well everyone's really different but I guess you want 2 hear my side of it all? I'd say when you're with someone, you discover sooooooo much more about them than you would as friends and that could seal or break, the deal.


For me, I often ask isn't life all about takin chances? you shouldn't think about things, just do it because, chances are you'll never be able to predict the future. But life's just too short, screw thinkin twice.


She's already made the tendious task of the first move, I believe that often it is the hardest yet one of the more simple moves to make.


I think it's just you thinkin too much and worrying about things before they surpass but I suppose, sometimes people like to be prepared even though there's just way too many possiblities lol "ooh.. the possibilities" - some sorta toy ad catchphrase. Anyway, right back to this, even if u do worry, somethin else you might not b prepared for might occur, then wouldn't it have been a waste of time?



Don't think twice. Go for it. Like I said, life's way too short once you get down to it.


At the end of the day, its you, how can I understand you if you can't yourself? I say, let a few days past before deciding on what to do. I'd recommend you asking for some space during that time to lower the chances of making a baised decision. I'm just saying that you could really grow to love her or realise that she's better of as a friend now rather than later. Seize the moment?


Materia goddess: Yea i agree, it makes you feel better about yourself knowing that you've made a very very slight difference in the world hey?



Hope that helped, so how about that drink now? lol


Happy Heb

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Thank u all for you advices. I wish u were all friends of mine . Sorry about my english in my post and I try to improve my language. All the replies were perfect and directly into the point. I'll stay calm (even though Im already calm 8) ) and guess time will tell.


And again Thank u all!!!!!!!!!!![/img]

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