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Need some advice on a new crush.

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I need some help!


This will be rather long, but here's my story: Okay, so there's this guy (What else?! Heh)...Ronnie. I'm head-over-heels for him.


He's an absolute doll. He's sweet, he's caring, he's honest. I've never seen a moment with him not smiling or being nice to someone.


The only thing about him is he's really religious and I'm not. We both goto a Christian school, so he's Christian (I'm catholic, but to everyone @ my school I'm Christian). He goes to Bible Studies, church, youth group, he's in a Christian band and he's always helping out our school.


I could handle that, because being @ that school for three years I've accepted God into my life finally (I just still am not all that religious). Ronnie left the school two years ago, when I came, so I never met him.


However, I first saw him earlier this May when he was in a play with my class (While they were in Drama, I was in Spanish). The play was Robin Hood and he had to fill in for someone who had left the school.


I remember seeing the play and thinking about how cool he seemed. I saw him a couple more times before school ended. He'd be @ our school, hanging out. I thought he was in college @ the time.


This year is my last year of highschool. I'm in 12th grade. Ronnie came back to our school and he is one grade below me.


Being that he's one grade below me he's not in all of my classes, but he's in my last three -- Computers, Study Hall & Drama.


We instantly became friends the first day of school. We both make eachother laugh a lot. So much the teachers usually have to move us, but they always end up letting us sit together.


We sometimes flirt, but it's mostly me. I've started to hangout with this girl named, Brittany, who's a real big forward type girl. She's been giving me tips on how to show affection towards Ronnie.


It's easy to do all of this in Study Hall. The teacher sits one seat in front of us, so I can easy play footsies with Ronnie or move in closer and lean over on his shoulder and read his book with him.


He seems really nervous when I do this, and Britt and I have caught him blushing like crazy.


I officially like him now and my whole class knows. Everyone keeps coming up to me, telling me how we look cute together.


Even my History/Economics teacher, Mrs.Butler has winked @ me when Ronnie & I were together. And she and I even had a deal that if I passed my last test (I did), she would tell him, and she did, but it didn't seem to phase him. He was more or less shy about it.


Last week I found out there's a Fall Fest coming up @ our school in Oak Glen @ Riley's Farm. I asked Ronnie to go, but he said he had a busy schedule and couldn't go.


This week he asked me if I was going, and I said no, since he wasn't, but he told me he was going afterall. This really made me mad, since I had previously asked him, but he told me his Dad was making him and that he wanted to hangout with me. He can drive, but he just got his license, so he has to wait 6 months until he can drive with people.


Lately I've noticed he's been real nervous with me. He kept asking me what was the plan Britt and I had in store and what we were trying to pull on him by my nonstop flirting.


Friday while we had free time in computer class, my friend Mat hooked Ronnie and I up to the same server so we could leave messages on our desktop, although we sit next to eachother our teacher was in a bad mood so we decided to talk through the comps. I asked him what he had been thinking about with this whole ordeal between us and he said he wasn't sure. He seemed dumbfounded by the question. I asked him why he thought we were up to something and he said he thought we were just toying with his emotions and messing with his head. He said he didn't tolorate that sort of thing and from what I guess, apparently he had been hurt before.


I told him it wasn't like that, and that I had been through that before and that I was not one to play games. I told him I seriously liked him, but I still felt he had his doubts.


Before he could reply the bell rang and we said our good-byes. In Study Hall I tried writing him a note, but he had to leave for about 20 minutes so he could do something in Chapel. When he came back we exchanged phone numbers and I told him to call me this weekend. He said he would. He said it depended on his schedule although he promised he'd make time...so far he hasn't. I even called him last night to see if he'd answer the phone and he did...I hung up.


I really like Ronnie and it seems as if everything has been related to him. Lately all the TV shows and movies I've watched a character name is, Ronnie. I found out my old silver bracelet I got from my Dad's friend has, "RONNIE" inscribed on it.


I've had five dreams about him. One last week and four this week. Four in a row.


I find myself easily jealous now too. If I see him laughing with a friend I get mad. Especially if it's another girl.


IE: Last Monday, our comp teacher moved Ronnie next to a girl in my senior class named Anna. She has been hanging out with Brittany lately and this pissed me off. Well her and Ronnie we having fun, laughing, talking and he didn't say anything to me...


I felt abandoned and felt just horrible. I cried after class and came up to another good friend of mine, Kelli and hugged her. A lot of people saw me upset. Brittany tried to comfort me, and then Anna came and I left.


Kelli and I hid behind the stairs on school grounds and talked it out.


Suddenly I heard a voice behind me go, "There you are!" I turned and saw Ronnie standing above us. He walked down a couple of steps and told me he had been looking everywhere for me. I asked why and he said he was just wandering around. Kelli and I both didn't believe this so I asked him what he had heard and he replied that he heard I had been upset and came to look for me. He asked me why I was upset, but I felt to stupid to answer, but he knew and he apologized for ignoring me in computer class, and said he just didn't want to get into trouble. I told him maybe it would be better if I wasn't even around and he walked down further towards me and said that wasn't true. That no one could make him laugh like me. That put a smile on my face.


From what I've heard he seems to kinda have a crush on me, but I think he's holding it back, feeling he can be hurt, but I want to prove him wrong.


This weekend has been hard. I've gotten upset easily because Ronnie hasn't called me. I know he doesn't want to discuss what's been going on. And I think if he feels he can push away his feelings and maybe if he can push me away from him he'll be safe and that it'll prove him right, that it was only a moment of amusement and that I didn't really like him.


So, what should I do? Should I back off or try to get closer? Maybe prove to him afterall that I like him.


Riley's farm is in a week and a half. I'm hoping to prove it there, by holding his hand and talking to him. We never get a chance to talk because he's always so busy, but @ Riley's farm I'll be able to.


We haven't known eachother long, but maybe it just takes time until I see a change in him...


Thanks for reading.

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WOW that is alot about Ronnie, but i did read it all and your post was very interesting. now her comes the advice.



Let me start with this


I noticed he has comforted you while you were crying under the stairs, that is a good sign, it shows he cares about you, and he stated you are the only one to make him laugh.


Now to more detail


You and him have a good strong friendship established from what i read, you have showing him that you like him, by flirting and setting up Mind hints with teachers and your friend Britt. from a guys point of view, It's sort of easy to see why he thinks you are playing mind games, since you said that he was hurt in the past, And he might be afraid to date again because of that reason. *things take time*


In-part you than saying you were not like that. Now listen closely, I'm not here to (talk bad) On what I'm about to say (keep that in mind) But you can't be jealous and mad about that, him just talking to another girl, think about if you 2 were dating and that happened, would that be fair to him..if you got all upset just because he was talking to another girl. it doesn't seem right.


Although i can relate to your feeling; so again i'm not here to "Flame" you and ride on your attactment to him. it happenes to the best of us.


I did get the impression that you were upset when he was ignoring you in computer class. you had First the emotion of being jealous, than hurt, mad, upset to the point of you crying. understandable considering you like him a lot and you don't want him associating himself with any other girl(s).


Secondly i would like to advice


To just be yourself, towards him...don't go the extra lea nth to try to win him over, he obviously knows you like him. he is well aware of that, and it seems he WILL come around to his senses and show more back. you just have to be patient and stay confident.


IN ADDITION: going the Rileys barn thing to try to get closer to him, you wanted to hold his hand and talk with him, Ok there is no problem with that, except the fact that "FIRST" he said he wasn't going, now he is......so what do you do? good question. showing up might make you come accross as being desperate, but than again you 2 are friends and friends hang-out.


b/c from what you said (correct me if I'm wrong here) but it was originally You were Going... He wasn't.... NOW he is.... but you were not. right?



Last: I'll wrap this up with what you said.


So, what should I do? Should I back off or try to get closer? Maybe prove to him after all that I like him


well like i said above, I'm sure he acknowledges that you like him (more than friends) now if he likes that feeling or not i can't say b/c i don't know Ronnie, i did read that you 2 exchanged phone numbers. and that he has NOT yet called...well how many days has it been; you have to keep this in thought when getting phone numbers and than calling that person after you get the Number, It's considerate that the guy calls the girl. but the cardinal rule i should say is "to wait 4-5 days before calling" in most cases...you calling him and hanging up wasn't a good idea. that is only going to make him think your desperate for attention, I.E. you becoming annoying, and thus him not calling because he is going to think your playing mind games. And you don't want that, so best thing (I THINK)


Please Note: "This is just advice, and should be taken into Some* but not all consideration. "


Coming from a guy age 22, if you were wondering. i would Go to the barn event. Go with some friends maybe that Brit girl, just so you show that you didn't go there because of him. i think your in a good position here, you have a structurally sound relationship on the standpoint of "friends" if he wants to take it further he will let you know, But realize things DO take time. stay optimistic. you can't go wrong with that. Hope i helped, Keep me posted.

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