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Does he like me? We had sex to soon

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I really need some help.... Advice from a guy would be ideal.


I met this guy about 3 weeks ago, we just went our first date a week ago. He asked me on another date that same night and we went out on Saturday too. He left for out of town on Sunday and called every day 2 or 3 times, and we talked for hours at night. He even came back a day early. On Tuesday I was really busy and didn't get a chance to see him. I ended up falling asleep and woke up to message from him. Saying that he couldn't sleep and he was sitting in my drive way, debating on if he should knock or not. He just wanted to tuck me in. I am totally falling for this guy. I have never had a shortage of men at all, but most of them don't make it past the 2nd date. On Wenesday we went shopping and then went back to his house to cook dinner.. He lit candles, put on music, it was incredible.... I had a little to much wine I suppose, I had stayed at his house overnight before but we had never slept together. We started kissing and well one thing led to another, I chickened out 3 times and he told me that it was fine, he could just lay there with me and not do anything. But he did the whole kissy neck thing and I caved. Can I just say that it was absolutely amazing, I felt like I could melt into him. I had to leave early that morning he walked me to my car and kissed me good-bye. We email or talk on the phone at least 5 times a day, that day no email, no call, I started to flip out. You see I don't normally sleep with people that soon, infact my rule is to wait 6 months. i felt ashamed and vunerable. You know the whole why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free. He did finally call about 8 and I totally expected him to want to get together... We have never had akward moments of silence ever, and we basically just breathed in the phone together. So I let him go and went out with the girls. Did he call Friday no, so finally I called him and asked him to call me when he got off work. He did right at 5, I was going to go over and help him paint but couldn't make it. SO we made plans for last night and went out, he so much as didn't touch me the entire time. When we got back to his house I was going to go home, but stayed and of course we had sex again. When I left this morning he asked me if I wanted to go riding later and I said yes and walked out the door. He chased me down the drive way and asked well don't I get a kiss. There is my book sorry people but I am so confused. I really feel like I screwed up any hopes of a relationship by sleeping with him so soon.. And I am totally digging this guy, alot. Help me, help me, help me... How should I confront this issue, I want to know how he feels and I want to know the truth about how he feels good or bad. I also dont' want him to think I am some freaky stalker trying to rush things. But this guy gives me butterflies, we have so much in common, we even have the same birthday, I laugh so hard with him I cry.

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i know this isnt really what u want to knwo, but i need help on a similar problem 2, well its not so much of a problem any more, i just wanted say that i think i did the same thing as you think you have done, and slept with a lad too soon. we were mates to start with, and i really fell for him in a love way, hes amazing! we had sex 4-5 times, 3 of which were outside! it was amazing! and i get tingles thinking abut him, but he thought we were like in a long term relaitonship already after only 2 weeks! and so wer eon a brake now, but the brakes bin for a month now, and we have both kissed other people, i really want him back but i dont know if thats going to happen, i hope your prob works out better than mine did, maybe he thinks that u just went too far too soon? if anyone can help me 2 write to me, in here xx hope you wil be ok x

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Ok you want a man's POV on this eh??


Here's mine. It shouldn't matter that you slept with him so soon as long as you took precautions and had safe sex.


If it were me in his position I would personally feel honoured that I'd got a girl in bed that quick and I would definitely hang around if I thought a woman liked me that much.


This however varies from man to man. Whilst i would stay with someone that I felt really liked and appreciated me other men would say "She's a tart, slag, slut etc" and refuse to see the woman again. IT really does vary from one man to another but I would say that if he's been in contact again since (which it would seem from your post he has) then I would say that it looks hopeful. Just don't be too forceful or too keen. If he thinks that your about ready to take him up the aisle then he might be scared off. Just kinda go with the flow.


Good luck

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Hi JennBooluv,

I am a guy and would like to try and help you.


Not knowing the guys age, dating history and personality it would be hard for anyone to help you make any sense of this. A little more information might be helpful.


Have you or him ever had serious relationships before? How did the 2 of you meet? How have your conversations changed since you first had sex?

Does he seem preoccupied with sex when you do talk to him?


I believe the best relationships are those that start out as a great friendship with many common interests and a shared outlook on life.


Can you see this guy as being a great friend to you?

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I would personal probably lose interest on a girl if we had sex together too soon. Nomatter how good the sex is. That doesnt me mean that would surely dumb her but I just can see a long-time relationship happening when that occurs. Usually the guy knows how good this girl is in sex but doesnt know her character that good. And sometimes it can be disappointing. It happened to me I break up with her. But that just me. I dont know ur guy (how old, personality)


But I wish Im wrong about thiS

bEST wIShEs!!!!!



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I don't think it was anything you did. I don't think he's acting this way because you slept with him too soon; I think he's acting this way because he feels like he took advantage of you. You told him no 3 times, and you still had sex with him. We all realize that he didn't pressure you into having sex with him, but I've been in your position, and when I talked to the guy, he said that he was embarrassed because he felt like he had taken advantage of me. So he's not shady anymore, since you had sex with him again? If I understand that right, then he's realized that you don't feel taken advantage of, and that it's ok for your relationship to be somewhat sexual. Tell him if you want to slow down, but make sure he knows that you don't feel taken advantage of. Unless, of course, you do...

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