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How to turn a conversation into a kiss?

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Hi I am 20 and recently became single but the thing is it's been so long since I've tried to make a move on anyone, I was like 16 the last time i had to do it. I am always in the clubs chatting away with girls and we are both laughing and smiling but I never know how to progress from that to kissing. It seems so ***en easy for everyone else but I have no idea what to do. Most of the times its happened to me its been because she wanted it to not because i pulled a move on her. But yeah has anyone got any tips on how to move it along, it's been a while and I'm starting to miss it a bit

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There is no kind of pat answer as to how to move along to a kiss, and it depends on the situation you're in. Generally, you don't just up and kiss a woman you're chatting with in a club!


If you're interested in someone, talk to them. Get their phone number, e-mail addy, whatever, and contact them within the next couple of days for a date. If they accept, plan something nice-a picnic, a show somewhere, a drive to somewhere you've both never been. See how the day goes-if it goes badly and you get negative feedback, i.e. awkward silences, no eye contact, etc., then chalk that up to a kiss-less ending...lol But if things go well, at the end of the day I'd suggest giving her a hug and asking if you can kiss her. Women generally appreciate the gentlemanly show of respect in being asked, instead of just having a guy shove his face in theirs without knowing if it's wanted or not! But don't rush it....you should know if the time is right or not, in how a date goes, you just sort of FEEL those things! Good luck!

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Nice one Mar! -- Your advice is great as always but I have a question for ya...


Ok, so I'm with a woman (Lets say My foreign friend or the interpreter)) and I get this urge to just throw my arm around the babe and give her a hug whilst we're walking along - What do I do?!?!?!?! (More to the point how do I stop myself going for the interpreter when I want the other one??? - I'm getting so damned confused now!)


Advice from the Mighty Mar would be greatfully received!



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lol....oh hush already.....


Well, in my INFINITE wisdom *falls over laughing*.....


ahem....as I was saying...it depends on who you're interested in. From our previous conversations, you're obviously into your foreign friend. Is there an interest for the interpreter now? You said yourself in your post that you "want the other one" (Sorry, don't know how to quote someone yet...) meaning your friend. Why would you consider the interpreter?


As far as the kissing thing goes, your situation is slightly different from this gentleman's, who's post we've so rudely interrupted. But to answer your question, you haven't had an actual "date" with her yet, either. And in fact haven't really even had a chance to sit down and talk. A hug is one thing when you're just getting to know someone, but a kiss takes it to a deeper, more personal level, and there has to be at least that much emotional trust established before you can consider kissing her. (Not to mention it might be sort of weird with the interp around...)


If you can get her out somewhere where you can at least spend a couple of hours together and really talk, then you can consider it...if not, and things remain as they have been, you're best off with a kiss on the cheek....or ask her if you can kiss her, at the very least! I know, not the answer you wanted to hear, but it's how I'd feel in that situation! IM me if you want to chat about it, I feel bad stealing this post from it's original owner! lol



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LOL I wasn't asking about kissing!!!


I simply asked about hugging. With regards to trying to get a kiss from either woman I'm not about to try - not until I've managed to figure out where I stand with either of them and Yes, I've kinda taken a little fancy to the interpreter but I can resist that. My feelings for her are not so strong as they are for the Singer.


Don't think I have a chance with the interpreter anyway (though she did touch my leg the other day) but I remember thinking I'd never have a chance with the singer aswell.... Now look where I am!?


O wells...



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