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Would it be like statutaory?????


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Ok, do a lot of guys do a thing where they are with one girl, but seem to like another girl at the same time?? How do guys flirt in a not-so-obvious way, like at school?? If a girl keeps catching a guy just sitting there looking at her (like in a daze) does that mean he might like her??? Also, I have a lot of guy friends and they all have there own personalities and they each act certain way around me. How do i tell the difference between 'oh he wants to be my friend' and 'he likes me'????? Where is the line there??

I mean, he talks to me all the time, hes my good friend. I sit with him at lunch and i am always looking over at him and he will be staring at me in kind of a daze. It happens atleast three times a week. And one day i was all playfull about it and was like "stop it, hehe, dont look at me, teehee" You know kind of flirting, and he goes "i do that to (his girlfriend's name here) all the time and she hates it too". So, what hes looking at me the same way he does his girlfriend??? But another question, i am almost 18 and he wont be 17 until jan. is that weird???? Im a senior and hes a sophomore. Plus he has a girlfriend. I just want to know if he might actually have a crush on me. What do you guys think??



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