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I'M DEPRESSED... and I want it to end soon.

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Ok, everything is going fine in my life (eg: school and friends) except one thing---this girl i like. I don't think she has much interest in me at all because for example when i talk to her on aim, i am always the one keeping the conversation going. I get the feeling I am a nuisance to her, by im-ing her and just making conversation. But my main problem is that i really really really want to go on a date with her, and when i asked her out over the phone (i have yet to talk to her in person due to shyness) she said it wasn't a good time because she was having ex b/f problems.

Anyway i am feeling depressed... i mean i really want to be happy, but i can't stop thinking about her... i need help. How do i end this depression im feeling, cause i think its just going to get worse the longer i wait?

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i think you need to ask her if she feels anything for you, and maybe as k her out, if she doesnt then try to move on...i fell in love

she loved me too, for an entire year, then she finished me..yesterday...all i can do is cry, and believe me, you dont want to be where i am right now.

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i have been in that position i have acne and most of the girls in my school hate me i have a crush on one girl and she likes me too but because of her friends she cant go out with me i have told her to stay with her friends and forget about me i dont want to drag hr down and get bullied like i do life is tuff but i have moved to collage now and i hope for a bettter future so i have stook with it i aint commited suicide i just keep reminding i have a good life tho no girl its still a good life


good luck to all



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yeah, there is no way whatsoever that im going to commit suicide, but i would just like to either 'get over her' or 'go out with her', but the problem is that neither of those solutions seem to be in my the near future. And no one has any suggestions of how to speed up the process?

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uscpuman, I've been in a similar situ recently and I know it sucks.


Practical things you can do are:


1) don't spend time with her - don't be rude, but just don't go out of your way, don't call her etc. Trust me repetitively seeing the girl of your dreams doesn't dull the experience 8)


2) If you really want to get over her, find the things that you find negative about her - (everyone's got them don't worry) and focus on them really hard. You don't have to be overtly rude to her or whatever, because you still probably want to remain friends with her.


3) Go and do new things, find a different crew of people (sport etc) and your brain will eventually get over her.


Hope this helps









8) 8) 8) 8)

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