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my fiancee just got raped yesterday

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Hi! I'm currently in an LDR and my financee just told me that she was held at knife-point and raped by some guy yesterday afternoon. She's a virgin and I was going to be her first, well and then she got raped. She think's I'm gonna leave her and she says, "if you want tobe with someone else, I understand" well I'm not gonna leave her or be with someone else, cuz we're gonna go thru this together and she's currently going thru a rape victims thought process, asking herself questions, feelings of anger, depression, etc. I too am affected by this and it hurts me to see her go thru this. I've suggested that she go to a rape crisis center or a rape counselor to talk to someone. I've also suggested that she talk to me also. (she's not much of an open person with others except for me). I love her so much and I want her to get better and I know it'll take a long time for her recovery, if she indeed recovers from this tragedy. I'll be there for her and right by her side thru this ordeal wanting to help her recover. Thanks for listening



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hey music guy


im so sorry to hear about your financee, i hope she recovers. its really awful when things like this happen, but unfortuanetly they do. its good to get her to tell someone about this, coz it is illegal and this man should be in prison! im so happy to hear that you will be supporting her, coz im sure she will now need you more than ever. a rape crisis centre is a good idea (or any help for that matter), but make sure she is ready, and dont rush her (im sure you wont). i dont have much advice, other than to say im real sorry this happened and i wish you the best of luck.


tell her, (and you too) to just stick in there, and you'll get through it!

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I'm so very sorry to hear that this happened.


I would recommend you get out there and be by her side right now. She's going to need your support and understanding more now than ever. She's in for a long road of recovery and so are you. You're going to have to be the strong one for awhile. Both of you need some help with this as you've already discovered.


A rape crisis counselor is a great idea. Also she should go to the police so that they have a chance of catching this person. I know it may be difficult for her but its important this guy doesn't do this to someone else. Thats why I think you need to be there for awhile. She has some very difficult things she needs to do and she needs you.

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I'm trying to find away to get out to see her, both of us are in school right now. I talked to my mom and best friend about this and my mom said that it would be safer if she stayed with me for awhile. Thanks for your replies. This is quite hard for me and I hate hearing what she's going thru..She has gone to the police and she'd gone to the nurse at the hospital (her mom is a nurse, so she looked her over). she's takin the tests that she needs to take. I'm gonna be there for her until she recovers. I just need the money to get there

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avman, thanks for your thoughts and prayers. This is something that's gonna take us a long time to get things back to normal and our intimate relationship is gonna go slightly downhill in the future, but her recovery is more important that intimacy at this point.

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I can do nothing but empathise with your situation. I have never dealt with anything remotely like this and I hope few people have to, all I can say is that my mother taught me that rape was about the most horrible and horrific crime a person can commit, second to murder i guess she had it. Your girlfriend will be going through the most traumatic time in her life and if you aren't there for her I don't want to imagine how she would feel. Don't leave her at all, offer her everything that you can. It's what I would do if it was someone close to me. I really feel sorry for you guys especially your girlfriend, just be there for her, no matter what she says.

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