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i love my new bf, but i think i still love my ex

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i was with my ex bf for 3yrs. we were so deep in love, and he told me that he wanted to be with my forever. and then he went away for college and called me up and told me that loving me and doing school is too hard at the same time and that we would have to break up. i totally didnt want to b/c i loved him sooo much, but what esle could i do. so now its a year later and i have moved onto someone else who i also love and want to be with.....anyways this is where i need some advice. i was invited to a huge party this weekend, and all my friends will be there that i havent seen since highschool ended over a year and ago half ...including my ex who i havent seen since we broke up. so i dont knwo if i should just stay home or go and see all of my firends. im just affaid that when i see my ex, i may get old feelings and forget about my new love. my ex hurt me so bad, the one guy that i thought that would never hurt me....but somewhere inside i just want to see him again?!! oooo what should i do!!! 8-[

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if you want to go & have a good time, then go. if you are scared that something might happen between you & your ex, then you just need to control yourself. if you might not be able to control your feelings, but you can control your actions. just don't do anything stupid with your ex, like cheat on your current bf. it could help if you don't let yourself be alone with him. if you find that you still have strong feelings for your ex then you have a problem. but if you get back together with him, he might break up with you again for the same reason.

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First off, I would tell your current b/f exactly what you're feeling....he might not like it, but he'll appreciate it more knowing beforehand that you have these doubts than after the fact if you ARE still attracted to your ex. Other than that, it's up to you...if you're comfortable with going, then go. If you think you might do something you'd regret, don't. It all depends on how much you love your b/f now, and how much you respect him. If you don't love him enough to stay faithful to him, or your feelings just aren't there for him, then you need to be fair to him and let him go until you get YOUR feelings sorted out. Good luck, I sincerely hope things work out well for you!

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You are the master of your mind not it's slave.

You are not your thoughts;

You are not your ideas;

You are not your beliefs;

They maybe yours, but they are not you.

They are instruments you use, do not let them control you.


Don't throw away what you have today for something you once had. Think about it rationally for a moment. Do you really want to get back together with your ex? It maybe a nice thought even enjoyable. But that is not the reality of the world. He will return to school and similar things will happen.


There were many reasons why you both broke up, not just because it was long distance. Don't forget that.


Why don't you bring your new BF? Don't put yourself into situations where you will be tempted. The choice is yours and yours alone.

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looks like your love bank wasn't completely withdrawn when your ex copped out on you, smart guy. he can always have you back with a look and a kiss. i should learn from him. he's the man!


ok. seriously now. just go and enjoy yourself at the party, but do ask a close friend or two to watch over you. don't have to bring your new man along, unless he's free and you want to intro him to your friends (and ex)

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