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Good Book for relationship advice


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I just wanted to know what a good book would be to read about my issues. I was dumped by my girlfriend a year ago and I have never been able to let her go. We stayed the best of friends and she just got engaged to the guy I know she is dating. I had a hard time seeing them together and it really hurt me when I found out she was engaged. I just want to find out what I can do with my next relationship so that I dont fall into the issue again. Its happened to me twice. The first dumped me as well when I said I loved her, she found somebody else and was engaged. This past girlfriend, said she was falling in love with me and I didnt respond with I love you, even thought I felt it, but didnt want to push her away, she was a nannie and had to go back home. She just left yesterday. So, I dont know why, but she feel out of love with me, even though she knows I still love her and how much I did care for her when we were dating, I gave her poems expessing my passion and wanting to be with her. I just want to find a book that can help me find out what I did or what I can do so this doesnt happen again, left for another guy issue becasue of something I did. I realize I am a obessive lover and deal with codependancy, I want to fix this issue and dont know how or where to turn.


I got a book called Ovessive Lover and going to read that as well, but I want to read a book that you could recommend to learn or realize my mistakes so that I dont loose the next woman I have a relationship with or fall in love with as well. Thanks

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There is a book CALLED "I KISSED DATING GOODBYE" Which is about finding a match and how to connect. It is really good. I dont remember the name of the author but should be really easy to find, google the title it will be there. The Author I know is a Christian author but its not a religious book in terms of preachy. he does talk on SPIRITUALITY but it is not a preachy book. It is really really good.

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