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To sum this up, I met a girl at work and asked her for her number. WE talked, met up and went out a couple times. Well she quit working with me and I didnt hear from her for a couple weeks. She ended up coming back to work and I ddint say anything to her, figured it was no big deal. Well she wrote me a letter, said sorry with some lame excuse and we started going out more seriously. After about 2 week, during which we had sex a couple times, she quit work again. We still went out one night, had a blast, kissed her goodnight, and told her to call me tomorrow. There we NO signs of anything going wrong at all. She hasnt called, its been five days, and I've called and left her messages. I still have some of her clothes and I'm kind of lost as what to do or what she is thinking. Any help please!!!!

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Tough situation...some women like to play games. For you to pursue her by making you call her all the time. Or it could be you came on too strong, perhaps calling her too much? People talk about waiting "X" number of days before calling the girl...but from my experience it's not so much the "number" of days you wait, but rather how many calls, etc.... don't act like you need her in any way...women don't like this...they say they want someone really 'into' them...but never date those guys...hmm, go figure?





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