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i hate me i hate life and i hate the fact i feel this way


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hey everyone.

just the way im feeling....

its called

I hate me!


when they see the tears roll down you face

dont they see?

understand or realise

that you are more than an object

when a line is crossed you do break!


i hid from my emotions

i covered all my tracks

became a person everyone else created

but look at the effect from that


i hate me

i hate life

and most of all i hate everything i wanted from life!


i once knew who i was

where i am

what i wanted

yet still im drying these tears

i hate to be scared and i hate to be nothing but me me!


even loved ones know how to turn these screws

too many emotions to control and too easily changed


so as the old saying goes....

you can

satisfy some people some of the time

most people most of the time

but never all of the people all of the time



dont you hate how you know how to give advice know what to do but when you need that advice you dont listen despite the amount of times you try make others to?


thanks for listening.


p.s. i dont usually feel like this; thats why im scared



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hey , i read ur topic earlier but i was to afraid to write worrying i might say something wrong but no one responded yet so il do my best , there have been many times where i felt just like you do , maybe you are clinically depressed , has something tramatic happened to you ?


plz e-mail if you want to chat or get in touch with me email removed

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I hate Christmas.

Everything is bullsh*t, we're slowly killing earth and all its tenants, the corporations are draining all resources for our needs, although they arent really our needs-we only think they are because television shows encourage certain livestyles.

I'm so fed up, nothing makes any sense.

I have no place in society, and its mainly because i don't want a place in society, it all a farce.

Everything i hear is nothing new, nothings original, fresh, its just all regurjitation.

Sometimes i'll mention in discussion with friends that i like something(mobile phone or some sorta gadget) or that im interested in something, when really i'm not, otherwise there wouldn't be anything to talk about, and I hate myself for it slightly because it pathetic and I guess self degrading.

I just want to understand what life is and why its here and why we're here, but i can't seem to make sense of it.

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Al zaine. I totaly understand what your saying, I feel the same way, what the hell is the point of everything, Were supposed to go to work 9 to 5 and make money just so we can have a house to sleep in and a car to get back to work the next day, it's really just turned into one big p1ssing contest to see who can get the most stuff. When none of it really means anything, If you don't have a big house or a nice car your worthless in alot of peoples eyes....

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Kell, nice poem. It scares me to that I sometimes feel like that. But I try to keep hope and see points of light in a sometimes dark world.


al_zaine, I posted a thread on the real meaning of Christmas with a couple of inspirational and heartfelt stories that might put you back in the Christmas spirit. I'll get the link for you in a minute.

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LOL. this was from about a year ago. i dont feel like that at all now. but thankyou very much.


ive just read through it and hate it. its good because it was an expression and theres underlying structure but it doesnt tell me a story i can remember. maybe thats good.


but i think its rubbish lol


(not looking for any "oh no its not comment" hehe)

it just it xxx

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