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Goning on a Date


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Tomorrow I'm going to go on a date into the mountains with my girlfriend. We weren't exactly sure what to do since there isn't much to do where we live, so I was wondering what we should do when we're up there. I know you don't have a general knowledge of the place.. but just give me some ideas if you can. I'd really appreciate it. We're going to chill for a few hours, so maybe if the mountain thing gets boring we can go back down and do something else in the city.. but what? Give me some ideas people.. please. Thanks.

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Hey, I would hike. Thats my best bet. With a picnic lunch. Go to the city, enjoy the shops and people. It shouldn't be what you do, but who your with. Have a surprise for her, something special, and original. You need something to distinguish this date as special. Write her a letter, tell her something you wouldn't normally- be genuine. Gifts and places don't work, do something with your signature (metaphoricaly) on it.

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