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not asking for much, am i?


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i'm not asking for much, just to be asked to homecoming! it is in 2 weeks and it seems everywhere i go people are listing all the guys they turned down, and the guys are listing the girls they've been turned down by. i have turned down, and been asked by, the same number: zero.


and the guy i like has asked three other girls who turned him down, so he's still 'single', for now. is there any thing i can do to get his attention? its really making me depressed because i know i am not ugly, or fat, or annoying, or anything.

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Yes I agree with the above sentiment,


You need to be the one to do the asking here. Why sit around and wait for what you want to come for you? Why be a spectator at your own game, your own life??? I say, go for him, girl!! Be brave! I've done it before, and it really is gratifying and strengthening, to know you had more "balls" than the guy to make a move! I know many guys think a brave and assertive girl is quite sexy! It's your call.


Best of luck!



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