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This cover, it holds me much too tight

Sparing of this worlds awful fright

I've lived in a cage and was fed all the lies

I've lived in a maze of hate and despise


I know not of what truly exists

I know all that is happy in extrovert bliss


I seek not truth nor honor or glory

I seek what is fake for my own story


I smile I wave, I'll shake your hand

a conversation I'll make that’s dull and bland


I'll take your money your faith your need

I'll take your family for personal greed


Thanks for my suit, my tie and car

Thanks for the numbers you've given so far


I can sing I can dance, I can holler and shout

but its my thin lips that lie with no doubt


I ask for your faith, love and concern

I'll take all you're honesty and watch it burn


Give me the money, the power I seek

I take what I can from all that is weak


Now I hold a great place in power

sitting firm in my ivory tower


You've let my rhymes trick you

my song, my dance

you didn’t look twice, not a second glance


Here I am all that is faithful

Here I am all that is true

don't blame yourself citizen I am here

I am here...the destructive nature of you.

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