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Im shy and she isnt, but she doesnt like shy people...


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Im relatively new to the eNotalone forums, so hello everyone.


Anyway, here I sit, its 4 in the morning and I just spent the previous night with a girl that I really like, and have for a long time (we were with friends, it wasnt just us two, much to my dismay). At the end of the evening, I did something ive never done before, I managed to muster up the courage to kiss her, not like a little peck or an awkward kiss, it was more like a kiss you would see in a Western film, or any film where the guy gets the girl after a series of trials that threaten his life, in fact, it was essentially the same thing... I have never felt like such a badass in my whole life... But I digress, as i said, its 4 AM and for the last 6 hours I havnt been able to get her out of my mind and its causing me to lose sleep, but in a good way.


I am generally a very shy person, making the first move was a huge step for me, but it quickly hit me that I have no idea what to do next... Do I call her and see if she wants to go to lunch? or maybe a disco? I dont know, but im freaking out, partially because im a wuss, and partially because I still feel like a man for kissing her.


I realize I just wrote a short novel, but any advice would be deeply appreciated!

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firstly, well done for making the first move, when you're shy, like most of us are, it's quite a big deal to bring up the courage to do something like that for the first time!! You're an inspiration!!


Anyway, surely if you simply called her up that would be appropriate, but if you feel all you say is boring, well :


1) maybe that's just another stem of your shyness/low self-esteem (?)

2) If you're adament on not doing your usual stuff, then why not just phone up and say that you just felt bored (shows you're not obsessed with what happened last night, and you haven't taken it like such a big deal!) and felt like talking to someone (shows you do like her though and chose her over the other options) then just go into "so how are you" and try and talk about mainly her interests (so that way you don't have to think up things to say, just let her say them!), maybe bring in some stories you've experienced that are related to some things she says (to make her feel she's not completely running the conversation).


That's the way i see things, but in my experience even though people think they're boring, they're not really!!


Anyway, i'm sure once you've spoken on the phone for a bit it'll make it easier when you see her in person. Maybe your kiss will come up in the phone conversation and you can discuss anything related to it on the phone and get any uncomfortable stuff out the way when you don't have to look her in the eye!


Maybe finally, towards the end just ask her if she wants to go somewhere, cinema, rodeo... wherever!!

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