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Ran in to the old ex's best freind today, told me to contact her... what to do?


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To make a loooong story short, I dated this wonderful girl for two years and she broke up with me two and a half years ago. Basically we were young and troubled and not capable of taking care of our selves let alone having a healthy relationship. Granted it was mostly my issue/insecurities that chased her away but when we broke up, I didn’t speak to her for almost two years, I chose to try my best to break all contact with her to let her go and heal.


And it took almost two years, but I did, and have come a million years past where I was, as a person I'm better off and its all because she both entered and left my life. The fact still remains that I think the world of her, I think she's beautiful on the inside and out and hope I can meet someone else like her someday.


Last Christmas we both had terrible losses in our lives and wound up randomly contacting each other to express our support and sympathy. I contacted her first when I found out her aunt died by simply sending a card to her family, and she called me from there.


For a bout a month and a half we called each other every few days and then ultimately met for coffee, which she initiated but told me she was worried that I'd refuse.


Again, it went great, but after I concentrated on me, which is all that I’ve been doing for two years, finished up my school, sort of made a conscious decision to not contact her again so not to add any drama in my life from a complicated past situation. But I still think the world of this girl. She made a few facebook comments here or there since the meet but I never bothered to reply.


I run into her friend today who tells me that she is still talking about me all of the time and was talking about how good it was to see and talk to me. The friend really made an effort to tell me all this which sort of caught me by surprise, telling me I should contact her and joked that she was "trying to set us up". Said my ex thinks I'm the most amazing guy. I'm not sure what to read into this but regardless it’s got me thinking again.


Should I resume contact with this girl? The last time I was totally able to do so without any old pain getting in the way and everything was going well, I just sort of told myself to stop talking to her and I stopped. Truth is I don’t know what I want to get out of it, I’m not sure we could ever be close friends, would I want more? Who knows I’m a different man now and I only have an idea of the person she’s become. Regardless I still think about her every day and probably always will, she was a huge part of my life and why I am who I am today.

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