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  1. Oates=posted Sorry I'm still getting used to typing on this thing.
  2. Remember that link you Oates a while ago where that guy talked about common interests and not thinking there's anyone better out there. Sorry, I only vaguely remember the titles. Anyways I think it is for the best you two broke up, you just didn't mesh quite right for long term potential. I just wish you could have been the one to break up with him, not to hurt him but to realise that you can walk away if it's not right for you. You deserve to be happy with your partner you shouldn't have to settle there is better and as Faraday said once you believe it someone special will come along. I hope you feel a bit better today, look after yourself.
  3. I really like that quote, Vic. Sometimes it's one of the hardest things to do, when you feel like you should stick up for yourself but know it's not going to get you anywhere.
  4. Annie, I'm sorry you're heartbroken but I'm kinda glad you split up. You two weren't really life long compatible, you mentioned so many things the past few months that prove this. It doesn't matter if he regrets it or not. What matters that you move past him and meet a great guy that you don't question and values you. Like someone mentioned earlier, spend the next few weeks treating yourself and having fun. You were such a great girlfriend and you can be again you a guy that truly appreciates you.
  5. You two sound like such a power couple. I'm sure your a massive asset to your community. No wonder your son has a good sense of self worth.
  6. That's a really nice idea. I think I'd want to keep a scrap from it, just because it would remind me if that day. But the whole thing in the closet is a bit much. How many gowns do you think she could make with it?
  7. I was watching her make her speech. She's accomplished so much at such a young age. Her family must be so proud. She even went to school after she heard she won! Hope you have a good time at your Mum's!
  8. I'm sorry Vic. Hope everything works out for your family.
  9. Haha, do all animals love you? Is it going ok? You've got the skills to defend yourself now, and a husband who could kick some butt!
  10. How cab you say you failed him. When he's turned into such a lovely young man? You've write about how his while life you've fought for him. I bet he doesn't think you've failed him. At the end of the day you did your best and that's all you can do. You're an amazing Mum and I'm sure you'll continue to to be.
  11. Yeah I hate having to plan things around work. My bf gets his schedule last minute and it usually is completely opposite to my 9-5 job. It makes time together special though.
  12. That's great Annie! Good for him! Hopefully it will take the strain off your relationship.
  13. Congratulations! That's amazing news. You'll have too show us pictures!
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