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  1. alrighty guys im off to play some football!
  2. like, when i told him i was going to need patience and help during the game, instead of telling me "oh yeah sure, we'll help you out" he acted very weird and was like 'whatever, if you don't get it you can still be the scorekeeper but you need to like sitting in the cold and have a good memory.' it was really unlike him, a lot, and truthfully i was upset by it. another thing, in my highschool where i live its either AIM or nothing. it seems no one uses the phone to talk to anyone, and if you dont use the computer your out of the loop. its a major source of communication and yeah, i agree, many things get distorted and out of context on AIM.
  3. things are going wrong, and fast guys.. the girl who turned him down asked meif i used to like him today.. trying to be a little more outgoing i said, yeah a little lol : ), then she asked me if i still did and i answered with and i dont know : ) i guess it was obvious eneough to her, i dont know whether or not she was checking to see if i liked him so she could apologize and try to go back to him or wether or not she was just going to turn back to him and tell him that i said that, but for some reason he was treating me kind of cool before, i imed him (which is different because he usually ims me first) and some of his replys took 2 minutes or longer, and he was really not sympathetic at all and was kind of sarcastic.. im starting to get really confused. help me
  4. that made me feel sooo much better. he's extremely competitive, yet hes so nice and understanding. my only fear is that this is a really big thing he has set up with a lot of his guy friends, and i dont know if hed be as understanding in a situation like that, you know? when we've hung out in groups before we've never been in a situation like that.
  5. ah guys i need suggestions soooooon! help
  6. haha wow whoops, i thought this was my question its so much like my situation.. i feel a lot like you do cara
  7. haha i reallly reallly do.. andlike, im not sure if your familiar with aim, but when someone puts something you say in a conversation that they find funny in their profile, it kind of gives the hint that they like you. hes put me in there loads of time over the past few months, especially a little while ago, but not so much recently. we do cute things like keeping points and things and post it in our profiles and thats been up there since as long as i can remember. i also know that when girl number 2 signed on today that she put soemthing of his in her profile, and she imed me and asked me if i ever liked him, and i answered "a little, lol" and then she asked if i still did. i dont know whether or not i should trust her or whether or not i would maybe let him know i like him by telling her.. you know?
  8. im really scared about losing our friendship over this if he rejects me
  9. vdhsdgfjkshgj i hope so it feel so hard though, ised to be able to really talk to him but now its like i feel tongue-tied. this is stinkyyyyyy : /
  10. i feel like i couldn't risk losing our friendship over it though
  11. Okay, i've been really good friends with this one guy for a few months now. It was one of those 'he started out liking me, then we became friends when i didn't like him in return' deals. I do a few school activites with him, including track, but hes also big into music and its his passion, as well as sports. He's very shy until you get to know him, but i can tell him all of my problems no matter what it is, he'll listen and give advice. I talk to him online tons and we know eachother very well, and I've begun to hang out with his friends lately, 2 time sin the past two weeks, but he stated that he never organizes plans, he goes where hes asked. He's never dated a girl before i don't think, unless it wasn't serious but i haven't really asked, because of how he doesn't really talk to others that he doesn't know. BUT, here's the thing, i've liked him all along but i would never be able to tell him, though we have the really strong base friendship to build a relationship over. Theres two problems though. There's three of us who like him. One of the girls who likes him is obsessive over him. She liked him before i did and has been chasing him for months constantly telling him that she loves him and asking if he would date her. He says no repeatedly, but feels bad about it, so he'll hang out with her when she asks him to, which sometimes puts him in akward situations that give him grief. I often tell him he shouldn't hang out with her, because it will confuse her into thinking that he likes her by doing stuff with her, but he feel sit wouldn't be right and shes contantly yelling at him for random things, but he has no interest in her, she just causes heaps of problems. The second girl does track too, and shes in a musical activity with him. Shes really flirty and shes gone out with tons of guys and she was flrity enough to get him out of his shell for a while and see the real him inside, so obviously she liked him after that because he's just so perfect. She talked to him online a lot, always initiating conversation with him, so he starts to like her to because she expresses an open interest with him. He liked her to the extent that he even got up the courage to ask her out, and then she declined, telling that she did it because she thinks that i like him, but i don't know if she told him that. She shouldn't be a problem, but lately shes been really trying to hang out with him a lot and iming him and telling him all her problems and i think shes starting to regret declining him. I could never let him go out with her, because shes really not a great person and she kind of.. has been around and is known to cheat and be unloyal. I'm not sure if he know this yet about her, or if he'll say yes to her because he's had a thing for her.. but i don't know, because hes a thinker. And then there's me. The friend who really is in love with him, but wouldn't be alble to tell him ever because she is too shy. I really need help on what to do. Also; he's having a football game tomorrow and has been telling all his friends about it. Girl number 2 IMed me saying that she wanted me to go too, because she didn't want to be the only girl there,s o i agreed but i can't play football and would hate to be embarrassed in front of him and see her showoff in front of everyone. I really need help. I don't even know what to do I just know I feel stuck and I feel like something isn't right. can one of you guys help me out?
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