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  1. You sound emotionally unavailable. The lack of talk about your feelings, not communicating your needs, not validating or even addressing her feelings and concerns, the overworking and physical distancing all point to an avoidant attachment style or you just not being that into her. This may also be evidenced by your lack of long-term relationships for someone your age. She sounded quite anxious and the mix of the two attachment styles is toxic, because the anxious person often feels deprived of intimacy while the avoidant feels suffocated. I would look into this if I were you.
  2. I had the exact same thing happen to me. This man is an insecure selfish liar. Please don’t make the mistake of sleeping with him. He reeks of desperation and the fact that his stories about his family and him not wanting sex don’t match up with his actions are a huge red flag. A secure man doesn’t go blabbing about his money and talk kids right off the bat. He sounds grotesque and deceptive. Also the babe calling thing is gross and off-putting. He should be engaging you in meaningful conversation to get to know you, not lying his way into your pants. You deserve better.
  3. It’s because you have rough sex several times a day. Also, if you’re well endowed like a porn star, you're probably hitting her cervix repeatedly, which really hurts after a while. I know from experience. My advice is, tone down the rough sex. I find I can have sex once everyday, given proper natural (not artificial) lubrication, which means I want to have sex, not just the guy, and also if the sex is not rough or so deep that it hits my cervix. Be gentle and do more foreplay and cut down on the porn antics. I feel bad for this poor girl. Please don’t pressure her to have sex with yo
  4. Agreed DancingFool, which is why I broke things off with him three times, but I still keep going back. It’s all very confusing, as I truly enjoy his company but a part of me doesn’t really want to be in a relationship yet enjoys being in one nonetheless. I know it’s messed up and I feel really badly but still can’t stop as I’m really excited to see him everyday and can’t avoid him for long, as much as I try 😞
  5. I agree with you DancingFool. I wouldn’t be dating him if it weren’t for covid and I think he knows it. While I may entertain him for now, a big part of me knows this guy isn’t the one and it’s making me want to break up with him, except for how attentive he is. I guess time will tell and I’m certainly in no rush.
  6. Thank you so much East4. That’s true, I’m psyching myself out as I’m scared to get attached to another potential dud, but I guess that’s the risk we all take in intimate relationships. I will make an effort to enjoy the moment and not project into the future too much, as much as he may want to go there. Hard to regain trust in myself after being blind for so long in my previous relationship. Thank you all for your input!
  7. Thank you Wiseman2 for your reply. I have been working with a therapist for a couple years so I’m doing my best to unpack it.
  8. I’m a divorced woman in her mid 30s. I’ve been on my own since late 2019 and am now dating a man in his late 40s. Initially I wasn’t planning on dating for a long time, as my ex-husband of 15 years, who I thought was my soulmate and best friend, turned out to be a serial cheater and liar and I left him. The man I’m currently seeing is a neighbour who lives across from me and who pursued me quite heavily. Given the proximity and covid loneliness, I have enjoyed talking to him, having dinner together, watching movies and eventually having sex with him, which is excellent. The issue is t
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