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  1. We moved in together as a step towards engagement/ getting married. We have talked about timelines for both (as I’m in my early 30s and want kids and so does he). I’m so Shocked by everything to be honest. No - he isn’t like that at all. We’ve met each other families regularly and are close. I don’t know whether to mention porn more generally. How do I know this doesn’t impact on our intimacy. I have so many concerns - intimacy, what if we want to try for kids and we are barely having sex etc. I don’t think so- he has searched for “mature” and BBW by name in the search engines. It makes me feel sick honestly. So he must have been actively searching.
  2. I’ve had the conversation quite recently about 3 weeks ago. After that we had sex once but nothing after. He says that we will be more intimate but nothing happens. It’s really difficult. I don’t want to reveal that I invaded his privacy. But we have never had a conversation about porn use. If I’m honest, I feel very uncomfortable about him watching porn (how can I be sure this isn’t impacting on how often we have sex?!) and it’s a slippery slope. It makes me feel sick and I think ruins intimacy. Do you think I should start up a general conversation about porn? (Not about what is on the phone) and say that I worry if he is using that this could be impacting on how often we have sex ?
  3. His health is ok Other than slightly increased BMI. When we do have sex, there is no problem with erections. On a few occasions he has lost his erection during sex and I noticed after that we didn’t have sex for a long time. I think in hindsight our sex life started to reduce after this. I also found that he searched for how to get stronger and longer lasting erections. I don’t know if he has turned to porn because of this (though I know it has the opposite effect) The lack of intimacy is what bothers me most. I would never have checked his phone otherwise. I only saw searches for gay porn, didn’t see anything about meet ups
  4. Hi there. Apologies for the length of this post. My boyfriend and I (early 30s) have been together 2 years and live together. We have discussed a serious future together including marriage and kids. Initially we had a very good sex life (at least twice a week) but I’d say over the past year or so, things have been dwindling. I think I have a higher sex drive than him, and often if I try to initiate sex - I often get turned down and he will say he is too tired. He often has long shifts and early starts but sometimes this is even the case on his days off. I’d say sometimes we have sex once every 2-weeks. I’m finding this difficult as I would like to have more sexual intimacy. I’ve tried talking about this with him many times but he often gets very defensive and doesn’t want to talk about it. I feel he is embarrassed by it almost that I seem to want sex more than him. The relationship is otherwise great, he is affectionate and intimate in other ways but I feel when it comes to sex - he just doesn’t seem interested in me sexually. I don’t know what to do. It makes me feel really insecure and anxious when we go so long without having sex as it is important for me. And sometimes I feel depressed when he isn’t interested and I don’t feel desired. So I realise this is a pretty bad thing to do..but I did it out of desperation more than anything else. I realise this is an invasion of his privacy and I feel terrible but I found he has been using porn very regularly - and unexpected categories like GILFS/ grannies/ MILF/ older women/ really large women. He is 30. Im the same age and large breasted but not fat. He has also watched gay porn including searches for things like “twinks” (had to look up what this meant) and also males orgasming. It makes me so distressed knowing he watches this yet is not sexual with me. I realise straight men sometimes watch gay porn but I was besides myself. I think he obviously watches this when I am out but it hurts me that he seems to be able to browse lots of porn but not be sexual with me. I understand that most men watch porn even in relationships, but surely if we are having less sex than I would like this is a problem? He clearly seems happy with sex with me once every couple of weeks because he is satisfying himself several times in between. I feel very hurt. I can’t bring this up as I obviously invaded his privacy and have probably made things worse! I thought about casually asking him directly if he watches porn but think he will likely hide it. Would be grateful for any advice. Thank you!
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