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when to date again?


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When should I date again? Its been 4 months since the break up. I still have strong feelings for her but weather I still love her im not sure…shes got someone else which kinda hurt at first but has actually helped me get over her..


I was abit peeved that she got someone before me but then its not a competition and I think im doing things the right way, not getting involved in a rebound relationship..she told me she still has very strong feelings for me..so im not quite sure why she is involved with someone else, but that's her choice


Im enjoying being single, but do miss having someone there..abit lonely..but is that a reason to try and date someone just for the sake of it

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It takes time i recently went on a date with someone after my two months of breaking up with my boyfriend (or rather him breaking up with me!) Nothing's going to come of the date but it was so refreshing to no that i am letting go and it doesn't hurt anymore and i can look back at the happy memories.


It's also a lot easier if you don't keep in contact with them as well! It'll take time and don't rush into things but good luck x

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you should date as and when you feel ready to,dont feel rushed or obliged to date again just because she has,like you said yourself its not a competition and you'll probably come out better anyway having had time to properly heal over your breakup.if your just dating then thats fine,but i would wait until you know you are ready to take things any further than that.good luck xxx

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Great question,


There is no universal answer. I am strictly speaking from expierience. I used to be the type that would just go from relationship to relationship. In fact thats how my friends are today. However over a year ago, i went through a really bad breakup. Today i am enjoying being single(over a year later), enjoying improving myself, have no plans in the immediate future to start dating again, and am looking forward to finding someone special who I know I will treat great and will do the same for me(somewhere down the line). To make a long story short, listen to both youre head and youre heart. If youre heart tells you to get in another relationship, but youre head is telling you "not yet", then dont do it. When both are working together in a joint effort, then I would go for it.


Best of luck




It also depends on how long you were dating the person. For instance, if you were dating somebody for a year, then it will take "at least" a year to fully get over them.



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it was 4 year relationship, i hope it doesn't take 4 years...


i think i will know when i meet someone who i want to date..im ok on my own, where as some people arent and jump from relationship to another..


like u said being on ur own allows u to grow and improve urself...

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