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i know i screwed up, but is it too late??

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me and my girlfriend of 21 months, had been on and off for about 2 months, maybe more, but then about 1 week ago she ended it all. we were always arguing, and it was always about the same thing...."why we argue so much" so we took like 5 breaks in those 2 months, but i was being such a reatard, i wouldnt give her the space she asked for. i would talk to her 1 day, then day 1+2 after that i was okay, but when day 3 came, or day 4+5 came, i would be a complete wreck. honestly felt like i just needed to hear her voice, to make me feel better. so i would end up calling her on day 4 or 5, then it would be the same thing over agian, day 1+2 are fine, then started to fall apart, and called her again on day 4 or 5. i could only go 4 or 5 days without having contact with her. but then the last time i talked to her, somthing just clicked....I CAN'T KEEP DOING THIS!!! if i want her back, i gotta back right off, and just go on till i get over her, or she realizes what she wants. that was only 2 days ago, so i hope i can break the old cycle, and go as long as it takes b4, we both know what we really want. and another thing is, that last time i was talking to her, we were just having a good conversation, about what we were up to and stuff, and she told me to just move on, and to forget about her, but once i told her i had plans with another girl( a friend, just a friend), she hung up on me........yah, so talk about mixed feelings, i am so confused, but i am ready to give up talking to her. cuz all those times i called her, it obviously pushed her away, do u think with me not making any effort, she might realize what she is missing? i miss her so much, and i love her, i know i akways will, she was my first love, and honestly i do not want anybody else, so i am ready to wait as long as it takes. tell me your thoughts on what i should do, and what u think of the whole situation. thanks



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Dude just dont call her at all. If she wants u back she will call u,dont contact her at all. Trust me im going through the same thing and the last time i spoke with my ex was the night we broke up (she broke up with me) which was 2 weeks ago...feels like 2 months but u gotta do it.Women like strong men and if u keep calling it may make u look desperate. BREAK ALL CONTACT. i know its hard cuz u just want to hear her voice or make her laugh and try to patch things up,but if it was meant to be she will be back. I know exactly how u feel to a T, i want to call her everyday but i dont. Ive read a ton of forums and everyone says the same "BREAK ALL CONTACT" so i did. It sux man, i know, cuz i think the same way... I dont want anyone either but her too, she is perfect for me in many ways but just dont call anymore!!!

good luck man and be strong

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Yeah I'm in the same boat too man... But I kinda screwed up at the beginning. We've been broken up for 5 weeks but for the first 3 I was always asking her back and stuff like that ,calling her...I was really jealous and hurt at first, especially since she is dating someone new now..grrr.... But yeah NO CONTACT at all, that's what I'm doing and I've ben happier lately.. I've even been hitting on othher girls and stuff but rermember do NOT call her.. They way I think is that later on if we do end up getting back together then it was meant to be, but if not Oh well you gotta move on...

Good luck man... I'm in the same place as you........ sucks..

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