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Advice on getting a girl


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wht u mean? she asked me n i told her im a good guy if she got to noe me n after that w talked fr a while. told her sum jokes n a scary storie that happened to me lol. would should i do next? keep talkin to her or take her out sumwere

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Hi Flow! Hope you are well today!


Ah to make someone interested in you is the million dollar question!! If we knew the answer to that question, half of us wouldn't be posting on Enotalone ! I would say "be yourself" and of course, nothing is as flattering as being asked out on a nice date - no strings attached. Here as some things I know girls like!


- Get to know her as a friend.

- Give her space and time to think about you.

- Be thoughtful.

- Be considerate.

- Be funny.

- Appreciate her

- Find out what she likes

- Surprise her

- Listen listen and listen. There is nothing better than listening to someone! Someone will feel closer to you....just by you listening to them


Sometimes, the spark just isn't there and you can't MAKE someone interested in you, even if you are rich, famous and gorgeous! Such is human nature.


But in the meantime, have fun...






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ok liaten i went up to this girl at the mall and got her number n then i added her on msn n started talkin to her. what can i do to make her interested in me?


She's already decided whether or not she's interested in you. Don't you know that girls decide this VERY QUICKLY? You're job isn't to try to make her like you. Your job is simple. Your job is to come up with ideas and plans, and then to ask her out on a date for a specific place and time. Then you go and YOU have fun. If she likes you she will have fun doing whatever with you as long as YOU are having fun.


Take initiative. Do it soon. Since girls decide very quickly on whether or not they see you as a potential boyfriend or date then any delay on your part in setting up a date or plans to hang out is simply a waste of your time.

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I'll have to disagree with a some of this.


First, Flow, you are interested in getting to know her as a date and/or girlfriend. The best way to accomplish this is not to become closer as friends. That's how you get stuck in the friendzone. You do not want to send off "just friend" vibes to girls.

You should give her space and also make good on your space by continuing to do stuff on your own with your own friends. You should also be thoughtful, considerate, and funny, but you also have to be a challenge. That means as you move this forward with dating and such you must also make sure you're being respected by her, that she's being fair, that she's making an effort, being considerate, being thoughtful, etc. If she starts disrespecting you then you need to have a backbone.

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