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plz help me with an approach for a sensitive sitch


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I've been with my guy for two years now, during which he has gained quite some extra weight. I don't mind this, save two things. Number one (which isn't related to my ?) is his health. Number two, (my sensitive situation) is that, around the house, he doesn't like to wear a shirt. When we're the only ones here, I could care less. HOWever, if someone comes over, irregardless of sex, he still does not put a shirt on. And basically the scene is this:

He has a flat butt but is broad so he perpetually shows "plumbers crack" if not wearing a belt (a norm for the no shirt look) & his belly has gotten to the big and flabby point of looing like a toosh itself. There is an indentation right about where a belt buckle sinches his waist. I am simply mortified when, especially females, are visiting and he has such a distasteful appearance. Can anyone help me address this concern in such a tactful manner that I don't hurt his feelings yet drive the point home?

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Well I think there is nothing better for you to do than talk to him about it. The weight thing, I think really you can only address that on a health level and you probably have to accept that it is something you cannot force.


The "topless" look.....I think really that is probably about respect for your guests. If it makes you uncomfortable then it probably makes your guests uncomfortable too.


I think you should simply ask him to please put on a shirt or something when you have guests over.

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would his walking around shirtless if he was really hot and buff bother you? i think this weight gain may bother you more than you say it does, or maybe than you are consciously aware.


having said that, i think it is a bit much for anybody to wander around shirtless unless at the beach or other appropriate shirt-free situation. but then, he is in his own house, soooo....


i'd try to approach it from more of a 'you're walking around half naked and your butt is hanging out in front of people' than 'you are fat and gross and that is ugly and upsetting...' unless the latter is really how you feel, then you need to try to talk to him about that...

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