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I wish I could die sooner


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hey wells as you know i wanna die

but why?

wells ive been having family problems kind of

my mom knows im not a virgin a keeps talking {Mod Edit}

i always feel like i bug people and my family doesnt really care about me when im around them

i feeel like my friends hate me

i wanna get away and move away

im in love with a 21 year old and im only 15

and im sprung

i dont like the life im living

i get paranoid that my friends aare gonna steal the guy i like

and i feel like as im suffering because i always worry about him

i just need help

i really wanna die

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Dear girl.. you'll pass this phase of life. Its just you being a rebellious teenager.


Your family loves you i'm sure.. stay strong dear. Blood is thicker than water, they love you more than this 21 y/o guy i'm sure. Your friends can't steal whats yours if your guy is faithful to you right?


=) Take care hun.

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Really the previous poster said it all very well. But I feel like you might need a little more support. You parents do love you or they wouldn't be upset with you. They'd be indifferent. Your boyfriend doesn't love you as much as your parents and odds are your time with him will be short lived.


Really focus on school, and forget about your friends stealing your boyfriend. If that happens he's after something other than a real relationship. I'm sorry your not a virgin anymore. I'm sure it bothers you as much as it's bothering your mom.

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This is really one of the first times I'm surprised by the responses left by people on this site. The responses were curt and failed to elaborate to any usefull point. I doubt the did much good to the girl that made the original post.


I understand why this happened though... The primary topics of the post are so basic, and the original poser so young, that they resonate with the problems of other posters on the site.


My advice to you punchdrunk is to post again without revealing your young age and give more specific reasons for why you think death is better than life.

Before you do so, brouse around the site... and see how common the majority of your problems are among people that post on this site.

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I'm really sorry about your misfortunes. Even though it might help to elaborate on your situation, I suppose my spin on this can't hurt too badly:


You aren't a virgin anymore? It really shouldn't matter, but I think your mom's just trying to look out for you. Some parents (like how my parents were with me) make a big deal outta something like virginity. It's just the shock; your mom will accept the fact sooner or later.


I often feel like I bug other people too. Even though I'm in college (which people say is soooooo much better than high school), people act like I annoy them and flat-out ignore me. I'm sure your family does care about you, but they might not know how to express it.


I've suffered from paranoia for most of my life, and let me tell you this; don't let it consume you. I've wasted so many hours, missed out on so many opportunities, and been so depressed. Sometimes it's best to focus on things other than your worries, or what others might do (deliberately or not) to try and hurt/sabotage you. I'd give ANYTHING to be able to be free of my superstitions.


anyways, I just hope for you to hang in there. I'm sure you're a decent person with many admirable qualities, but like Invicta said, it would be best if you would elaborate a bit more on your current situation.

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