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  1. thanks i think i did make the right decision hopefully my relationship with my friend go better than ever
  2. no worries your time will come soon and when it does use protection!
  3. of course if he didnt have any or none of us we wouldnt have done it im afraid to have any disease or get pregnant
  4. thanks hehe i just wanna make sure i made the right decision
  5. thanks hehe yeah i just wanna make sure i made the right decision
  6. well i guess i fell for my friend sweet talking to me to get into bed not sure but then we agreed to do it but i really like him
  7. i was wondering... is it really a big deal to who you lose your virginity to?
  8. thanks guys it really helped umm well we never had sex and were not planning to do so cuz of the law and im taking a break of him for right now it hurts but i need it
  9. ok i am 15 years old and im in love with a 22 year old? is it wrong? we've known each other for about a 1 1/2 years but im afraid to tell him how i feel. we are really good friends and tell each other everything. i really want to tell him but im scared. he sometimes shows that he might have feelings for me but im not sure if he really does like me. my mother approves of it but no sex. What can i do to make him like me? I am so confused. ](*,)
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