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CynG's emotional blog #1/2


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Hello everyone:


I've decided to blog out my personal emotional/psychological/physiological/whatever progress. We'll laugh, we'll cry, we'll yell in anger, and we'll shudder at atrocities!


I've figured that this may be the best way to outlet my vices, weaknesses, and to deal with my depression/frustration of living in a society where those who are different from the norms are often ridiculed, outcast, or simply ignored.


anyways, stick tight, for I'll have my first blog underway very soon.

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defo agree with orlander. journal/blog entries help us capture our personal thoughts, help us see improvements in our lives and yes, it's a good outlet too!


i just started writing a journal three days ago. i used to take photos everyday as a way to document my life. but i decided it would be nice to write something as well. and so far, it's all good! tell you what, it can actually induce catharsis


looking forward to reading your entries.

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