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  1. The Middle. Binged watched it on my flight from Vegas to Honolulu
  2. Hold up, hold on Don't be scared You'll never change what's been and gone May your smile shine on Don't be scared Your destiny may keep you warm Cos all of the stars are fading away Just try not to worry You'll see them some day Take what you need and be on your way And stop crying your heart out Get up, come on Why're you scared? You'll never change what's been and gone We're all of us stars, we're fading away Just try not to worry you'll see us some day Just take what you need and be on your way And stop crying your heart out
  3. i liked how you wrote the first lines of each stanzas. what made it even better was the fact that i could quite relate to it choice bud!
  4. this is an awesome thread bud. i have heaps of things to be grateful for...i see everyday as a new opportunity, and i am trully grateful for that. i am not physically healthy, but i am grateful i can still do a lot of things that other people simply cannot. having a high-speed intenet connection...yeah, i'm grateful for that as well... and whoever created post-its is a genius! every night, i list at least 3 things that made me happy. when you think about it, even some really small things can make someone happy.
  5. HAH. i do to. we sure smell good. used cool water before, and reckon it really smells good, but i really can't afford to buy those stuff anymore... i don't use cologne anymore. don't wanna cough out 40 something bucks only to smell good when i can simply shower twice a day, for free! i smell clean, and i suppose that's already good as. well, that's just me.
  6. hey mate. i got this list of top colognes from link removed i aint saying it's accurate. when it comes down to it, women are all different. but i hope it'll give you an idea ==================================================== The names are gathered from various suggestions and lists on the net. The first group is an averaged order of preference (from best to worst) of two female acquaintances of the compiler, scents from the second group were not available for testing but have seen mentions of being good colognes as well. Gucci Nobile Armani (not Acqua di Gio) Fahrenheit by Christian Dior Cool Water CK1 by Calvin Klein Hugo by Hugo Boss Safari for Men by Ralph Lauren Drakkar Trussardi (light) Dolce & Gabbana Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein Trussardi (dark) 360 Aqua by Hugo Boss Claiborne Sport by Liz Claiborne Eau d´Rosseau Jaipur by Boucheron Stetson Tommy by Hilfiger Nautica Green Weekend Burberrys This might sound strange, but if you happen to wear the same cologne worn by the father of the girl, it'll works in your favour The top three colognes suggested by Clifford in Clifford's seduction newsletter: Black Jeans by Versace * * * * Oil by Dusty Fruits and Passions ==================================================== here's the url anyway if you wanna check it out: link removed
  7. Really really looking forward to this. anyways, goodluck scott.
  8. hey bud. i can relate to your story. I also felt like I was abandoned by my dad when i was young. And I do get emotionally attached to people, and sometimes i wish I were not like that because it's hard as, particularly when they leave. anyways, i wish I can give suggestions or advices but i seriously suck at it. but i wish you all the best with your journey. just hang on, because all your efforts will pay off.
  9. Well mate, you are definitely not singled out. I know EXACTLY how you feel, being a student nurse myself. There’s just heaps of things to finish, heaps of books to read, heaps of words to memorise. And I am dead certain I am missing out on a lot of things. And yeah, I do feel alone sometimes, and it’s sick. I’m not looking for a girlfriend because I feel that I need to search for myself first and I feel that this would be best for me, for now. But you know what sometimes, I also think about the difference that being in a relationship might do. Actually mate, you are quite lucky because you KNOW you have solid mates who will support you. I do have “mates” as well, but sometimes I feel like they only know me when they need help regarding paper works and stuff. When they don't need anything from me, I am nonexistent. In saying that, I suppose I am alone per se. It's good that my mum's really supportive. I just always think of the end result of all my sacrifices and hard work, and that’s what keeps me going. But honestly, despite having good marks, I still feel sad. But what to do? Yeah bud, you are not alone. I feel your pain as well.
  10. you ain't singled out for some tormenting bud. i have recently experienced the same thing, and now, i'm just trying my hardest to move on cos it seems like no matter what i do, no matter how much affection i show this person, i'll always fall off short, and well, i just realised that all my efforts were futile. but yeah, i totally understand where you're coming from, and i know it's hard as. but i suppose it's hard on her part as well because maybe she feels that she can't return the same amount of effort that you put in. er, are you planning to talk to her about this?
  11. rita repulsa and lord zedd? oh they sure are evil to the core!
  12. I've asked this question to some of my classmates and acquaintances, and have also posted this question before and got some interesting responses. Here are some of them: >"What was the good in Hitler? That he can paint? ... and Stalin? That once he was a seminarian?" >"It's positive to try to see the good in people, but sadly, in a very small minority of people, there could be some who are 100% bad" >"The worst tyrants in history have shown kindness to animals or love to another or some other indicator of a good quality. " >"Maybe you need to spend some time visiting the max security block of some prisons." >"No, I don't think it's naive to think that way. However, people who are mentally ill might be a different story." >"Most people do have at least a grain of decency in them, but there are some that clearly do not. they are simply no damn good. poison to everyone they come in contact with." What are your views on this topic?
  13. currently unattached. and it's all good. im trying to prioritise things, and for now, im focused on my studies. plus im trying to to enjoy my own company and discovering heaps of things about myself. i spose itll be better to know myself first before trying to commit to a relationship.
  14. you came to the right place bud. we're all ears ready to listen! it'll be brill hearing from you as well. hope you stick around.
  15. i use hair gel, hari wax, hair paste....etc. women don't launch themselves at me, nor run screaming in the opposite direction. but yeah, it all depends mate.
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