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my gf wanted to be friends, then she said she was unsure if she wanted to get back together. i had an informant call my gf and she said all she wanted was an itty bitty break and my informant asked if my gf was planning on not getting back together with me so she could prepare me but my gf said no thats not it and sounded polite about things. Although she said i started becoming pushy which my informant said wasnt my idea and my gf sounded happyish and i dont plan on blowing my chances. My informant called 8 days after she said she wanted a break, 1 day after this new guy came up.


well, i went school today... and as hard as it was i did only the "hey hows it goin, cya later, cya tomarrow" stuff. Nothing huge nothin that would push my chances. Although there is this other guy that was waiting for her down the hall after she got her stuff form the locker. I have no idea where she is a lunch or in the morning. She is not where she usually is. She is talking to this guy at period passes and she walked with him after school. I felt happy last night assuming my relationship was goin to get back on track and thats what my informant said. Well, my heart says my "on break gf" will be loyal and maybe this guy is just a new friend she wants to talk to. My instinct.. my jelousy tells me to kill the compitition. This guy only appeared two days ago. Am i reading to much into this and assuming there is more than what i can see? Or am i in denial.


Take note that when my GF said she wants to be friends then later said she doesnt know if she wants to end the relatioship her exact words were "its not like im gonna be dating anyone else". The very next day when i broke down i asked if there was anyone else and she said no. And a friend of hers thinks that there isnt another guy she is interested in. Those three things support my idea of loyalty, but my jelousy is constantly there and i need to know what you guys think. Do you think she just needs a break, or do you think she is using a break to see if this other guy is what she wants..What chances are that hes just a new friend to talk to. So far i havnt seend any hand holding and her really close to him, but they did walk slow while talking then i saw em. this has been on my mind constantly and scares me even more than before when i was unsure if she would even get back with me.

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For starters, tell your "informant" to leave it alone. LOL. Bro, don't have your friends call her and ask ?'s. She said she wants a break, give her a break. I'm guessing you're in high school? Start talking with other girls. Keep to your friends, and let her be.


It's obvious she's not being 100% honest with you. If it "looks" like there's another guy in the picture, there probably is. But looking at it like a competition isn't going to do anything than mess with your head. She already said she wanted a break, so that in itself tells you she's not sure about being with you.


Best thing you CAN do right now, is let her be. Like I said, talk/meet some new girls. I'll tell you one thing I learned from high school, is your choices are ENDLESS.

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Today at school, that same guy was with my pending gf... and well get this. we got partnered up for lab today. we didnt chat about us stirctly business and she seemed nuetral ya know not sad nor really happy. i thought i went well i was uplifting and polite and thought i handled it well. When i drove home from school today. i saw her. and him.. walking together. Now she lives more than 5 miles form this school there is no way that she was just walking home. so wherever she went was with him. Now the worst thing i can do is jump to conclusions. all the people i talk to have an opposite sex friends that they hang out everynow and then. besides me... this guy is driving me nuts. he only appeared this monday. everytime i see her she is with him and they are hanging out mroe and more. now she could be goin with this guy for any reaosn. could be... they got to do a project together.. could be they just wanna talk about her and i could be anything... I got this event this saturday should i ask my .. pending gf to come? you know just a casual hey we got this BBq thing u wanna come? should i pull her off to the side and ask who this guy is and if they are gettin together. know that she seriosuly doesnt want me pushing us back together. inviting her to an event wont psuh it will i? asking about this guy is pushing it... but then again telling me that we need to just be friends then changing your mind and saying you just want a break/time and hanging out with this guy everychance you get is pushing me. and the fact that she went hoem with him today drove me nuts. i cried in all out anger. frustration and pain from within. but one thing i wont do.. is let her know it. what do you guys think. im in a seriouse problem.

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Let go McGee...I know thats hard, but let go. She wants a break to figure out the future. That future may very well not include you. So you have to break off all contact that you can. Stop having her traced, don't get informant to spy on her and stop looking for her. Its time you start living your life for yourself.

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was one time i had someone call... im not following her around 24/7. and she seemed liek she wanted to small break and get back with me. she even told me herself there was no other guy and not once had she lied. i am giving her the benifit of the doubt. i.. am not letting go.... what i need to do. is ride it out.. if she wants me back ill accept her and thats that, if she leaves me for scruffy i dont wanna be with a liar and someone who will leave me after being with me for 1 year and 9 months and fall for another guy within 3 days while leaving me hanging for weeks not telling me if she truly wants to be with me or not, any person would at least have the curtacy of not lieing about being with another or at least calling me and telling me that she wants to be with this other guy. if she does leave me for him it would be her loss and she would be the wrong to leave someone in pain for weeks and weeks and in front of them talking to people she could be or not be interested in.... and thats what i think.. if you agree, great, if you dont great and i wanna know. thank you for your response. the whole reason why im hear is to get opinions and i respect yours. please i want more.

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