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Ok, you might think I'm crazy or something... But I just need to know, because even though I'm impatient, if there's the faintest hint of light at the end of the tunnel, I can be pretty tenacious. My question is about body fat percentages... After starting to slow down and perform sloppily at the gym, I started to follow a new exercise routine that's a bit less exhausting (well it does tire me out a bit less than the one I did before, which wasn't working the way I wanted it to... let's not go into details), but more healthy. It's the exercise routine in the body for life website. So, it combines weights 3 times a week alternating with cardio 3 times week. I started doing it the exact same way it is described on the website, and I'm eating pretty healthy already, and I believe I'm consuming enough calories.


So I know I'm not being very precise, but given that, how much body fat percentage would the average person lose by strictly following the body for life program (for building muscle and losing fat), in about 3 months? Just curious, I'm not expecting any miracle 20% body fat losses in just 3 months and stuff. But I'd just like to know what to expect, so if by any chance it doesn't work, I'll just change to a new routine that might work better for me. And if it seems to be working, I'll stick to it, and even if it takes an entire year, I'll just stick to it till I reach my goal... The reason I'm asking for numbers, is because until now, progress hasn't been an easy thing for me to monitor. I'd like to think that I'm making some progress, but sometimes it just doesn't seem like it. So, if you could please tell me something realistic... Thank you and best wishes.

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Even tho this is the Health: Body, Mind and Spirit , this is such in the need of a professional answer that you might be better of asking this at link removed forums, this because great body building routines are described, and i believe you can download calculators for your diet vs body building.

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I'm a cross country and track runner, so i do at least an hour or so of non-stop cardio and at the most 3 hours. I do ab workouts and leg workouts but that's part of my training workout. I don't lift or do any of that stuff because, eh, i don't know, i'm not a guy? heh but i know i've been told that i eat like a guy because i eat monster amounts of carbs everyday.


BUT my boyfriend who is also a Cross country and track runner like myself does at least an hour and a half of cardio a day, the usual at 2-2 1/2 hours or so each day, strictly tempo runs for mileage. He also lifts and works out in the gym 5 days a week, and he is built very nicely by now.


I know some guys hate running and feel that it's hard to start and to keep up with it everyday, but it really pays off. As soon as you get in the habit and are able to run for longer times and at a faster pace, it almost becomes addicting and surprisingly enjoyable, and you'll have a really great looking body and your health will be phenominal providing you don't have any outstanding health problems before you start. running is also proven to lesson the symptoms of many diseases, sometimes eliminating them completely.

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Well i do lift because I want to build some muscle and I do cardio to burn some calories, and I THINK that this is the only way I'll be able to lose all this persistent extra fat all over my body... I mean, I used to do only cardio only, lots of cardio, but it didn't get me where I wanted, or even close for that matter... And for about 2 weeks I did weights + cardio, both 5 times a week, but it was horrible. I mean, I actually lost weight (which isn't my goal. I'm trying very hard to stay at the same weight, but at the same time building muscle. In fact, if my weight goes up a couple of pounds, it won't matter as long as I get stronger at least), and had a hard time lifting... Anyway, these last couple of weeks I tried the new routine I described on the original post, and it was great (I was able to push myself further on both cardio and lifting). So, yeah, I'm going to be sticking to my new routine, at least for a while...

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