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ive no bottle, she was hot and into me!

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ive been single for 3 months now, after my ex dumped me of 2 1/2 yrs!


i went out with some of my mates at the wk end, went to a club.

there was this girl- absolutely awesome, she kept giving me the eye and accidentally nudging into me gently whilst on the dance floor.... i was dying to respond but just chickened out


god she was hot,,, why the hell did i just shy away,,, i dont know if its cos i didnt want the possibility of rejection or what! if so how will i ever get past this point... looking bk i think it was just what i needed to help me but i blew it


anyone else been in a similar situation!??

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always seems to be this situation. I don't think you chickened out so much as you were trying to be respectful. Sometimes its hard to tell if a girl is really interested. Even if she was nudging, you were probably still questioning if it was completely purposeful.


The relationship also has some weight on ur subconscious. It'll pass, just keep going at it and I think you'll get your senses back.

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yeah i feel that a lot..i think its partly to do with the rejection i felt from my previous relationship coming to an end..

i guess i am still vunerable after six months..unless im absolutely sure someone is flirting with me etc..i cant react in the right way for fear of getting it wrong and thereforeeee heading for maybe more rejection..

also ive been away from this so called dating game for such a long time its all a bit alien to me..

nevermind though im sure one day soon ill get the hang of it again..it may just take a little time!!

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