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is it comeing to an end?

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me and my girldriend are nealry 7 months into our relationship and to be quite ohnest im getting the impression that she doesnt want me anymore or want to be with me. The signs im pikcing up on are lack of sexual interest with me, the resistance to being close with me, the texts and now dull (i.e gud nyt babes) instead of the im so in love with you your the best thing that has ever happened to me etc..... Tonight for example we was supposed to be watching a film at her house, i got there she said alright we sat and never spoke hfor half an hour she was haveing her hair RE-dyed because she didnt like the coulour she had put in the day before she said to me stay but ill have to have my hair dyed wash it and dry it, i said nar ill go home well se each other another night which i thought was to be ohnest the best thing to do beacasue if shes haveing her hair dyed what we gna do stand and not talk. She said sorry and text me saying sorry again the txt said sorry babes bout tonight nyt nyt love ya. This doesnt seem much of a problem this is just tonight. I seen her last valentines day she worked late and we spent an hour in the living room with her family watching telly not really tohether i didnt see her then until saturday but only becasue i was giving her a lift to her dads house if i never gave her a lift i woundt have seen her until tonight probly which was crap lol. She just on a whole seems not herself, ive asked whats wrong is anything bothering you am i doing anythink that is annoying you etc... to try and get to the bottom of it but nothing from her except im ok. Its really annoying me because this time 3 months ago we would probly be cuddled up in her bed then id go home and have a text saying missing you shed ring me when im at work, she genuily seems to wanna see me, she ask if we was seeing each other that night becasue shed say she missed me. Its all changed now just negative-ness. I feel on edge when talking to her becasue i just dont know how to be around her. Being myself is not getting me anywhere i think somenthing is bothering her personlly but shes not letting me be there for her, she has became less sociable with her friends and jst wants to watch telly in her p.js from 6 o clock at night then go to bed at 10 somebody please help lol

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could it be the winter blues because ive heard that alot of women are affected by this. What should i do, should i back off but still show i care or complety ignore her until she comes to her senses if she ever does becasue trying to help and pokeing my nose in isnt getting me nowhere. Would anybody agree that maybe giveing her time and space could help?

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