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Good convo starter?


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Hey im planning on talkin to this girl in church tomorrow (prolly after she looks at me a couple times or so) and since we dont have that much time to talk to when i plan on doing it (for many reasons) i was thinkin if this is a good way to start a very short convo and get to know her better later on.


Me- Hey What up? (depending if i see she gonna react i'll let her say something if not go to the next line)


Me- Whats ur name?


Her - blah blah


Me- im blah blah, listen, i really want to talk to u but this isnt the time or the place, do u have a myspace page?


Ok about that last thing wit the myspace page, i see it like more likely that she'd be willing to give up her myspace page than her number so easily. Also i'd feel MUUUCH less akward talkin to a girl online (and thereforeeee muuuuch more flirtatious and stuff) so, waddaya think?

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You know, church is a great place to meet people because everyone is supposed to make everyone else feel welcome!! So make her feel welcome!! Any friend could do that...then it could lead to something else, right? Hehe...

Anything that you could invite her to going on with the church? I don't know what kind of church you go to , but you could always invite her out with a bunch of people...ya know?

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