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How do tell her how I feel? Does she like me?

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Well, this is my second time posting. So here goes...


I met this girl a couple months ago, and we've become pretty good friends. I want to tell her how I feel though, that I've liked her ever since we met. I've gotten to know her pretty good, and we talk alot. She is in my youth group. I've told her that I'm not that good at socializing, which is true, and she offered to hep me. The funny thing is, the reason I wanted to become more social is so that I could talk to her better. But anyways at youth group, we look at each other every once in awhile, like I'll look up at her, and she will be looking at me, but I always look away...sometimes I feel so stupid. One night our youth group had a sleep over thing at our church, and we had this fun game. We would run around in the dark, and I asked her if she wanted to be in my "posse". It ended up being me and her after wards she said that she had a great time with me and that it was a memorable night for her...is that good? I have know experience with this kind of stuff...but anyways one day we were talking, and I told her that I felt bad, because I can't talk to her that good * my socializing skill are horrible* and she said that even though she hangs out with other guys who are alot more outgoing, it doesnt mean that I'm boring, she said that I just had a different personality, but that it didn't mean I was boring. we were talking online at the time, and she used all caps on that? does that mean anything? I think I try to over anylize. We sit together sometimes at youth, but the other thing is, every other guy likes her! I don't think I stand a chance! But I tell her that she is beautiful and that I love talking to her... but I want to tell her how I really feel...how shoul I start though, do I just say " I really like you alot" Even though I think it's more than just "like", Basically how should I break it to her? Plus are any of the things I said earlier signs that she maybe likes me...please give me some advice...I'm stuck right now in my life over what to do about this....thanks for reading

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I think she likes u because no girl stares at a guy unless she is interested ..well almost no girl execeptions are there but rare ... she wants to help u socialize, she says that ur interesting even though u think ur boring ..i think u should talk to her maybe start slow by asking her to a cup of coffee or just go for a walk...then tell her that when i am with u i feel gr8...then see how she responds ...if she says so do i ..then move on and tell her that u think shes real special to you in so many ways ...THE thing is that if U LIKE HER THEN TELL HER HOW U FEEL ...DONT WAIT !


I know the confidence part is hard ...because even i am real shy guy myself but ..after i met my first girlfriend things became better ..u only learn from experience...so go for it!

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