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"breaking the eye contact"


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body language does say a lot about people, pulling you eyes away may tell her your shy, but, guess what, that might be cute to some girls, most women prefer confident men, if they stare in your eyes, and you hold it for a moment , then smile, and allow yourself to become destracted to pull them away. well thats tells her, your not afraid of women, that you know what you like and want and that your very confident.


its tricky, staring too long is creepy, let go too quick, and youll seem timid.


You should be very happy that you have women that want to stare at you, you must be a "looker", so be confident, look at them.


Oh by the way, you do know, that those stares are usually invitations for you to say something to them dont you? the next step..

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I used to be totally afraid of looking into peoples eyes myself. I worked on it though, I tried looking into eyes of anyone, say the person at the checkout or professors. It really helps.


I remember I was afraid that when I met my girlfriend (we had a long distance relationship), I would be so afraid to look into her eyes, as she knew how my life wasl, etc... anyway, never have i been so able to look into someones eyes as hers. It was a real shocker for me, being able to do that, and I know she loved it. It really does show trust, understanding, etc...

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If she continues to look, that's a good sign for you. You looking away is not a bad sign, but it does show you are not confident.


Too scared and really want to look away after a few seconds? Do as Gilgamesh suggests, smile and then look away.


You might want to hang on however to see if she smiles back. If she does, you've got to go over to her, or you're out.

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Wasup Johnny !


As people said here, try to smile. Or give it a nod and smile.


Like "Yeah, I understand what you mean......" so she wont think you are some kind of guy that looking on her breast and when she looks back you dont want to appear rapeist or something.


Being in eye contact too much isnt good too. Becasue she may feel uncomfortabe that you just "nail" her with your sight. And that you are mean guy or a "devilish" guy. Girls in general like normal guys, not freaks and punk guys....


So just let her know by your face and body language , that she is nice and cute. Not a sex bomb or something........ A disent girl....



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i need some advice there is a guy i've been seeing around school for about

a year. he is an IT guy at my college and attends another college. when i

first saw him last year i had a crush on someone else so i didnt pay

attention but he always looked at me when we passed in the hall and he

would try to catch my eye. now a year later i have fallen for him, i cant

stop thinking about him, cant concentrate on school thats how bad it is.

he still looks at me makes eye contact, holds the door for me whenever im

behind him. just last week as he was holding the door for me he turns

around to make eye contact as i was passing through the door, it was so

powerful i cant describe it. he has told his friend about me because

everytime his friend sees me he looks at me, i've noticed him walking past

same places i hang out at school. and he has helped my friend a couple

times with computer problems so now he looks at her like he wants to say

something, or he wants her to talk to him. but my friend doesnt feel

comfertable about it so she tries to avoid him. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO! i

dont have anyone that will talk to him for me, im extremly shy, i get

really nervous and forget everything i wanna say to him when i see him. i

dont know why he wont talk to me! do you think that he does or doesnt

like me from what i described? i fantasize about being able to talk to

him and asking him out but im not sure about his true feelings. i know

his cell number cuz its on the directory. oh and he knows my major cuz he

purposely walked past by me with a girl in the same major but 2 years

ahead of me, i dont know her, he never hangs out with her, but idont know

if he walked pastby me to make me jelous or to communicate to me that we

have some things in common.. idont know! im trying to tell all the details

so you can help me. when we pass eachother in the hall he tries to sortof

smile, and he has said hi like once. im going to be spending more time on

campus in the next 2 years..i think about what if he leaves the job and i

never get to talk to him..i think about him alot i cant wait for the days

that im on campus so i can see him. oh my friend is willing to help but

not by talking to him in person but only by emailing him(she also works on

campus) she want to write to him and say she know somone interested in him,

is he interested? (i didnt think it was a good idea.) what should i do?

please help!i dont wanna stop thinking about him. i wanna chance with him.

cuz if i dont,i will not get over what might have happened, or did he like

me? cuz i find myself thinking about old crushes and asking myself if i

only knew how it would have worked out. im really shy, i try to fight it

but its hard, my hear start beating really fast, i cant breath, i start

stutering, or look away when we make eye contact. please! help! thank you!

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