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Anxity, Crap Job

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I'm finding it hard too keep relaxed over the last month, I have a medical history of Anxity and depression, low confidence, I've been really low lately cuz the job I'm in at the mo, I've got a job interview in 2 weeks time, this has got me a little anxious, I've made a bit of a stupid mistake in the job i'm in at the moment of telling my bosses I'm going for a job interview, I thought at the time I take the honest root. However they have decided to make my job hell at the moment, By trying too over work me, and doing jobs I've been advised by my counilar not to do because I find it hard too handle them, they've decided to make me do everyone elses job in the company, I've noticed my anxity is starting to get bad, I cannot relax, I've been getting into arguments alot with my boss every time I end up going Dizzy and keep biteing back, and cannot let go of it I end up dwelling on it for hours and thinking of the argument that makes me go dizzy, my hands are shaking alot latley, The reason Im getting a new job is I am a slave too them really poorly paid and get me to do overtime for nothing, they are trying too make me work over time unpaid and with no timeback at the moment too, this cause's me to go dizzy as I've told them I won't do it. I'm so close to walking out, but if the company I trying to get into ask for references, It won't look good if my current company says I walked out, or I'm on the sick from stress. So I'm stuck. I've been biteing back at my friends and parents too, The dizzyness worrys me as it dosn't feel to healthy and It often reminds me of who my breakdown started last year, and they ending putting me in a mental hospital, all that was really from this job I'm currently in truthfully, I just came back here because they knew they had too tread carefully when i returned And at the time my confidence was too low too go looking for another job. But I had planned too move when I wa on the up. I 21 years old worked here for 5 years on less than the legal minimum wages, of which they don't think i'm entilted too, Somehow?

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Sorry to hear you have this condition and are experiencing these problems.


What country do you work in? What is your legal system? Can they sack you without giving you any money in your country? You shouldn't put up with doing too much that wasn't in your job description and you did good telling them about your interview.


What is it you are afraid of? Simply the job? You shouldn't be. Don't let them walk over you. If you can't do something, say it. Or they sack you, or you get respect for standing up for yourself.


Do check the employment rate in your country and your legal rights.

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I a Computer Technictian for a small computer firm in the UK, I work 9 till 5:30 5 days a week full time, the minimum wages is something like £3.20 an hour I think! I always used too be quite and get walked all over but after my illness I always had a little trouble with my anxity, In a way it's a good thing cuz I don't get walked over anymore, but on the other hand It feels I have less control over myself, and unhealthy.

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