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broke NC after 3 mo's

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So i broke NC with my ex of 6 yrs this weekend. The convo was fine, it was just about money that she owes me regarding our gym membership, but now I can't get her off my mind. I mean I still think about her daily but now its all I'm thinking about.


Well she left me for another guy, and now apparently working at the same company with him. Immediately after we broke up (next day) she was dating this guy, is that a sign of insecurity to move on so early? I don't know just need to vent.

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Vent here all you want, that's what we're here for Is the money worth breaking NC? I mean, unless it's a significant amount of money, sure why not, if that is how you feel. Again, unless you wanted a reason to contact her or just hear her voice again, I can see why you broke NC...


Hang in there buddy, just take care of yourself right now and don't worry about her for the time being...

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