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  1. That's one crazy story! He's probably just a little reluctant given his last two marriages. But in any case, I think you should! It's meant to be, don't you think?
  2. locolady, I'm sooo sorry that you're feeling this way. My ex girlfriend cheated on me as well after six years together, I bought an engagement ring a month before I found out too. I gave her everything, moved back from New York, left an Ivy league university, gave up my dreams, was her support when her family didn't support her... First, let me tell you that you have a lot going on for you. I know its tough and there is still pain, I still have many bad days even though I feel like I'm doing 500% better since the break up. You are too good for your ex and soon you will find someone that wi
  3. okay... well I still haven't heard from her and now really getting anxious. could she have not gotten my message? i don't know. the thing is this girl is moving to another state very soon, sometime this month that's all I know. If I don't hear from her today (Tuesday) should I call her Wed/Thur/Fri or should I just drop it?
  4. Is there anyone else within the company you can talk to? From my personal experience you have to be very aggressive and explain that you want more responsibility. But if you're not getting the learning experience you want, look for another position because in the end you probably want to get a full-time offer right? Try speaking with someone in HR or college recruiting, good luck
  5. send your cover letter as an email as well as an attachment in case they don't print out your email. good luck
  6. **UPDATE** So I called the girl last Thursday (man I was nervous). I asked her if she wanted to grab a drink or a cup of coffee and she replied, "yeah that'd be really fun" but she was busy this weekend traveling job related so we agreed to reschedule for this week. I called her Sunday night and left her a message, she travels quite a bit for her job. I haven't got a call back from her as of yet. She's going away again this weekend so want to get something set, if I don't hear from her today should I call her tonight or call her sometime tomorrow? Thanks in advance
  7. So if you were going to be introduced/set up with someone would you rather have it from your guy or girl friend? Does it matter? Would you feel weird if you're guy friend wanted to play match maker? sorry if this doesn't make sense
  8. For those of you that haven't heard this song, it makes me feel better. hope all is well. I might get over you - kenny chesney Well, I opened my heart, and I let you in I promised I'd never love again And still doin what I'd said I'd do Someday I might get over you I wear my ring on a chain now, instead of my hand And I deal with your memories the best I can I've even been out on a date or two Someday I might get over you Oh, I never thought I'd see it But I think I see the light now I know that what I have to do Is get on with my life, but I can't take another day I can'
  9. So i broke NC with my ex of 6 yrs this weekend. The convo was fine, it was just about money that she owes me regarding our gym membership, but now I can't get her off my mind. I mean I still think about her daily but now its all I'm thinking about. Well she left me for another guy, and now apparently working at the same company with him. Immediately after we broke up (next day) she was dating this guy, is that a sign of insecurity to move on so early? I don't know just need to vent.
  10. I agree, if you're interested in long-term investing may want to set up a retirement account. it's never to early to start, the earlier you start the more compound interest you'll get on your investment. if you don't want to lock up your money in a retirement account, as Beec said invest in some stock mutual funds. Maybe, an S&P index fund, over the last 60 years or so its averaged around 8-9%. and investing your money in an index fund is cheaper (fees) because its passive and the portfolio manager is just putting your money rather than picking stocks. you should contact asset manag
  11. So I was at a friends going away party a few weeks ago. I briefly met a girl (introduced myself - thats about it) a friend of my friends. We went to the same high school but I never knew her (this was five years ago). Anyways, I got her number through another friend but debating if I should call her out of the blue to ask her out. Would it be awkward if you were on the other end of the line and I called to say 'hey, I was wondering if I could take you out sometime?' Need advice, new to the dating scene as I was in a 6 yr relationship, lol. Thanks in advance
  12. hey there outofplace, i went through something very similar. my gf and i had been together for 6 years and about two weeks after our 6 yr mark she said she doesn't love me "in that way" anymore; and left me for another guy. i was crushed, i couldn't do anything, hard to breathe, my body felt numb, couldn't eat for days - i never knew how bad it could feel. i think the best way to start feeling better is to hang out with friends, counseling can be great too, i've been going to a counselor every 2 weeks since the break up and it just nice to have someone to talk to, i never thought i'd feel
  13. just wondering if people ever get over there first love? my ex and i dated for a little over 6 years, high school sweethearts. i'm doing much better now through NC but afraid that i will never get over her.
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