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  1. 2nd update: So we planned on seeing each other last night, I was planning on making dinner. I saw her on Wednesday and we were talking and she seemed excited about our date, she even talked to my cousin about it. So I called her on Saturday and left a voicemail to see if we were still on for Sunday but never heard from her. Now this is the second time our planned date didn't work out, which bummed me out. Should I try getting a hold of her today or should I just drop it? I was talking with a girl friend of mine and she said don't even try anymore... I was thinking about calling her to just say, "hey sorry that we couldn't meet up yesterday, hope everything is alright?" What do you people think I should do?
  2. Thanks for the responses. We had to reschedule to this Sunday due to conflicting schedules on her behalf so getting anxious once again. We've briefly talked over text messages for the last couple days and she keeps saying, "Sorry about Monday, lets hang out soon...... we should definitely hang out......... i do wanna hang out". I'm wondering if she see's this more of an opportunity to get to know me on a friends level or a relationship level. Any thoughts? the last couple times I've seen her we seem to get along really well/ flirting but can't tell with her txt messages. Geez I suck with this dating thing, I think about things too much!
  3. Quick update... So I hung out with her again in a big group and talked/flirted. While we were playing pool I said if I won I could take her out to dinner, which she accepted. So we tentatively agreed for Monday, so Sunday I called her and left a voice message only to get a reply 8 hours later that she might not be able to make it because she was at her parents place and wasn't sure when she would be back into the city. Anyways, kind of bummed because I feel like we're great together and want to get to know her more but seems like she's playing games.. i don't know. Then a couple hours go by and she sends me a text message saying, "don't be upset we'll hang out soon ok? if I get back earlier do you still want to hang out?" I don't know where that last one came from, I never sounded upset but maybe she just thought that because we were supposed to get together. Well, I guess the balls in her court to contact me now.. What are your thoughts? I think I over analyze things and its driving me crazy. I can't stop thinking about her, lol.
  4. So I hung out with a girl that I met on Friday for the second time, I asked her to dinner and we tentatively agreed for Monday. When should I call/text message to follow up on this, later today or Monday morning. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. I don't think the timing matters a whole lot. You should definitely place a follow-up call to remind them that you have sent your resume and very interested in the job. Is it possible for you to call during a break/lunch for a few minutes? That's probably the best way to do it, or you can always send an email if you have that information.
  6. Hi all, so last night I was at a club for a speed dating event. I arrived about an hour early to help my cousin set up the event, and noticed a very attractive girl that was also promoting the event along with my cousin. We ended up talking/ and helping her out up until the event started. I didn't participate in the dating but I sat down in a booth and she came over and I said, "Well lets get started", and ended up talking for another 20 minutes or so until it ended. (She was running the show w/ my cousin but ended up talking with me until the dating was over, which I thought was a good sign). Throughout the night we would pass by and talk to each other, I made her laugh and really felt like we hit it off. So later on that night, she invited me to come out to another event on Friday and I asked for her number (which she gave) to see if she wanted to go out. My question is do you think she was into me? I mean I know its hard but by what I've written down what's the general consensus here? She's the social chair for an org. and I'm wondering if she's just really nice and likes meeting new people or if she thought something more. Sorry if this is stupid I just can't tell sometimes cause I've read situations completely wrong.
  7. My girlfriend did the same thing to me saying "She need some time away to figure things out, who she was, what she wanted out of life". Later I found out that she was seeing another guy, I broke up with her and they were considered a couple the next day. This is after I bought an e-ring, good thing I got all my money back. Hopefully, he will figure things out and the two of you will be back together. Just give him some space and see what happens even though it hurts.
  8. Thanks for the replies. We just started talking have had two conversations via email. I haven't asked her yet about her past relationships, I guess i'll do that in my next email... I guess I should meet with her in person too
  9. my ex called about some financial matters, it was short and i told her i had to go. she sounded kind of pissed lol b/c i hung up on her without her saying bye.
  10. So I've been talking to this girl via-email that I met on a dating website. She sounds like a great person but in her emails she sounds way too serious - says that she wants kids, wants to get married, soulmate, etc. There is nothing wrong with this, as I want the same things in life but it seems like this girl wants it immediately, you know? Is this a bad sign? Or are some people just really straightforward? Thanks
  11. Is there a way you can schedule your classes in the next quarter/semester so that you can come into your internship on a regular schedule? That might allow you to work in the research dept.
  12. That's one crazy story! He's probably just a little reluctant given his last two marriages. But in any case, I think you should! It's meant to be, don't you think?
  13. locolady, I'm sooo sorry that you're feeling this way. My ex girlfriend cheated on me as well after six years together, I bought an engagement ring a month before I found out too. I gave her everything, moved back from New York, left an Ivy league university, gave up my dreams, was her support when her family didn't support her... First, let me tell you that you have a lot going on for you. I know its tough and there is still pain, I still have many bad days even though I feel like I'm doing 500% better since the break up. You are too good for your ex and soon you will find someone that will love you as you deserve to be loved. Not sure what else to say other than I feel exactly how you are... I've gone on a few dates here and there and been living life but I can't seem to get rid of the memory how she could just walk away and act like we never loved each other.
  14. okay... well I still haven't heard from her and now really getting anxious. could she have not gotten my message? i don't know. the thing is this girl is moving to another state very soon, sometime this month that's all I know. If I don't hear from her today (Tuesday) should I call her Wed/Thur/Fri or should I just drop it?
  15. Is there anyone else within the company you can talk to? From my personal experience you have to be very aggressive and explain that you want more responsibility. But if you're not getting the learning experience you want, look for another position because in the end you probably want to get a full-time offer right? Try speaking with someone in HR or college recruiting, good luck
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