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So here is the deal. This one relates to my ex-gf.


We broke off after 4 years together. It was a LDR and I maintained it for 4 years. I have met her many times on my trip back home and we did spend some quality time together. I called her up everyday, never let her feel alone, always comforted her...


She went behind my back and started going around with another guy but did not tell me about him. I had to coax the information out of her.


After a string of talks, I decided to call it quits and stopped talking to her.


She continued to email me, send me IM's and wanted to be my "friend". I told her I cannot be your "friend" because I was in a relationship with you. I wanted to marry her the next time I saw her and was so ready and driven to get it done that that heartbreak was too overbearing...


I started drinking more, smoking more...but life moved on and I found someone soon after.


I remained faithful the entire time I was away (and thats true). I continued to ignore her, and whenever she called, I abused her. Because in my mind, I did nothing wrong!!! I comforted her, I called her, I wanted to get married to her yet she broke my heart with pinpoint accuracy.


And then she called and tried to be all friendly. Previously, when I asked her whether she was having sex with this guy, she said that its not easy for her to have sex with anyone. This time, when I asked about it, she confessed that she was having sex but still wanted me because she cared about me and is not totally over me. I was her first one BTW.


I mean, what is this girl thinking? She wants to have sex with 10 guys and still have me in her life? WHY? and why do I feel so miserable over my EX? How do I eliminate her from my life and thoughts?

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Don't answer her calls (and tell her not to call you). Block her from IM. Move on.


My ex was a LDR. She never cheated on me or anything, though there was another man involved in the reason she dumped me. But I can tell you that I didn't really start to heal until I stopped talking to her. The only thing you'll get out of that is bad feelings and a further broken heart, while she'll get a friend that would do anything for her, even though she wouldn't (really) do anything for him.


It will be hard to do, but it's necessary. I'm sorry you're going though this.

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Here's what's happening: You're her back up. She's thinking there may be someone better out there, that's why she sleeps around, but just in case she's wrong, she wants to hold on to you..Trust me on this.. It happens.... End all contact and get on with your life. There is something spectacular waiting for you.

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