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I hate money, I hate things, I want to be an Archaeologist

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I got a spot for an archaeological field school to Italy, but the problem is money; its going to cost $4000 dollars, and I don't know how to attain that much money except through scholarships. I've had bad experiences with scholarships during high school I guess because I didn't really do much extracurricular activites. On the otherhand, I look back on my college life and it amazes how much I've done and worked. I've been through 5 jobs and volunteered so many times in organizations and events.


BUT this scholarship I'm pondering at right now is only worth $500 to $1000 dollars. Where am I going to get the other $3500 to $3000. It seems I'm limited on the amount of scholarships because I'm joining another schools archaeological project. I'm pretty much stressing over this right now because I only work for the money I need, but right now I need extra money. I hope archaeology won't always be like this because I heard this is what a field technician's life is like.

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I'd do a multi-pronged approach. let your family know that you are wanting to go, and maybe suggest they help you with travel costs instead of birthday gifts this year.


get a part time job on the weekends or nights, and put all that money straight into a savings account. and look for educational loans, and go to link removed to find lots of little scholarships here and there. and also look into working in italy while you are there. good luck!

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Have you looked at other scholarships besides the one that you're considering? If you apply for several, you may be able to scrape that money together.


Also, are there any financial aid packages available? It may be a good idea to fill out a financial aid form and see where that takes you...sometimes you even get free money from that!


Education loans are also a good idea. They usually have very low interest rates (it's best if you get a Stafford or a Perkins loan through your school), so you'll be able to pay them off sometime in the future when you either get a good job in your field, or have the time to work part-time jobs for extra money.

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Field school is excavation. That is the job. Get up at 5 AM and dig until 6 PM, and then a lecture. There will be tours on the weekends. I'll be there for 5 weeks. Do I really need to get a job in Italy?


I'm working weekends and school days right now, but I'm trying to put school and organization stuff priority first. For instance, I called in at work today to go caving. It was different, and I loved it.

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