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Ok here's the deal. I was dating my ex for almost 10 months. It was great. She was the first one to tell me she loved me, the first one to talk to about marriage, I never took the iniative to tell her this stuff. At first I was skeptical about it all, but soon saw myself with this person for the rest of my life. She always doubted that I loved her, she had alot of insecurities. Things were going great talking about a future together and everything. So anyways we spent a summer apart due to work and we had a few problems nothing serious, distance was a problem, but we did get to spend at least a day together each week and talked every night. Well right when summer was over and we were moving back to college, she broke up with me because of me being crabby all the time. Said she wants a future with me, but not right now!!!??? I had a massive personal problem the whole time we were dating, my career wasn't panning out and it made me not the greatest person to be around. So I decided it was the time to change careers which I did and am the happiest I've been in years. So it's been three weeks.

Well we talk occasionally still. I'm trying to distance myself from her, get rid of the pain. Well she IM's me tonight out of the blue, and I ask her how's she doing, etc. and get one word responses. So I ask her what she IMmed me about. And she's like how are you gonna afford a new car. And I said my job. She's like what job. I'm like the one I told you about. And it turns out that my new job is gonna most likely place me not to far from where she'll be living next year. Then she's says "you frustrate me and this doesn't make sense to me" ~referring to me being happy. I asked her is she's mad that I'm happy and I didn't get a reponse. So then she finally says it's like you're rubbing it in my face about what I could of had with you. I'm by no means doing that, just telling her what was going on in my life. So now Im confused beyond belief! Why would she even tell me that I frustrate her? We're broken up she should have nothing to be frustrated about. Sorry this is long, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Any insight would be appreciated. Part of me wants to move on, but part of me still loves this girl beyond belief.

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