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When to call?

Kevin T

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Kevin, if you ahve any other options, NO WEEKEND DATES. Asking a woman out for a weeknight is different froma sking her out on a weekend. Weeknight says no big and you are squeezing her in. Weekend says "will you be my girlfriend." Do you papers this weekend, let any woman you talk know you are busy, and ask one out tonight for a night during next week. And find that same attitude you had when you got their numbers. If you do, they will say yes.

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Do you think you sound like a needy clingy guy when you talk to girls? I've never heard you, but I'd say probably not. You're not one of those people who has to worry about that. So call them up as soon as you honestly have time for it. Even just to talk for 10 minutes, you let them know that you're interested in them and aren't one of these immature guys who play head games (which they see right through anyways). I edge towards having a slightly aggressive personality when it comes to this and usually call the next day, if not that same night! And I know I never come off as needy. It's just not something that happens because of the way I do it.


So get on the case G so these girls don't get the impression that you're not so interested. That's a real risk you run by waiting.

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