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What's the Best Way to Move Out

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My boyfriend and I have been dating for year and living together for the last 3 months. Its is abundantly clear to me that this relationship is not going to work out and I've made the decision to move out. Now, I need some practical advice on how to do this. Do I make arrangements and then tell him or talk to him first? I know the news is not going to go over well and neither one of us can handle stress filled weeks with me sleeping on the sofa. I wouldn't be leaving him high and dry - he can afford the apartment himself and already owns all the necessary guy items to live. I'm not proposing that I move out in the middle of the day and leave a note for him to find when he comes home from work either. All I need to know is - is it wrong for me to make my arrangements before I tell him? I'm really interested in what's best for both of us, the long drawn out approach or the band aid?

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