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Why won't she change her mind?

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My wife left about a week ago. She moved in with a girl from work about 10 miles from our home we bought together 2yrs ago. She left me for differences she say's. I did some things like spend some money and tried to hide the fact and also she new I was looking at porn on internet. The money was spent on things for her and the house, but she thinks else wise. Now she say's she has to go out and find herself. And she lost that something for me. I miss her very much but she won't come back. I know there is no one else. She still helps me with the mortgage althiug I cut her a break or she would not be able to go out on her own. She has the other car which is in my name on the loan. If I let her alone and do not talk with her only for check writing day do you think she will come back.

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I dont know how to tell you to handle this situation. But I can give you some food for thought. Reread your post, everything you say about your wife and the problems as you perceive them are related to money. She is telling you she needs to find herself and that she doesnt feel the same for you. These are the issues you need to be concentrating on, not how the mortgage is getting paid, or who's name the car is in. Taking care of bills is important, but your wives difficulties now should be taking a higher priority. I think that if you start trying to focus on her, and your relationship you may be able to find the real answer.

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