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How do I re-establish my friendships?

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The past sophomore fall semester was so new to me because I was out on my own working a lot, and I just moved in by myself. Most of my friends in college still depended on their parents for money, but I was on a different boat. I feel like I've grown distant from them, and I miss my friends right now.


How do I get my friends back?

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Well I'm not sure what's keeping you apart from them.

Is it your work schedule? School? or just different lives now?

Call up your friends & book a night off work so you & spend an evening with the friends getting a drink & catching up.


The more you separate from the parents and begin to live your own life, the more you will realize that you grow apart from some friends. The ones worth keeping, you'll have to work to keep (set aside time for them) because just like everything, if you don't maintain it, it will fall apart.

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I've re-established some friendships with people who have moved out on their own. It is different tho. I actually like the fact that they have moved out and are teaching me by example how to live on my own. I'm in college kind of on my own kind of not. A few have said they have felt older than me and we just keep in contact thru facebook and myspace and IM, things like that. We still care what is happening in each other's lives however online is better for us. And who knows maybe when your friends get out on their own they'll become your close friends again.

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