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A corny person made up a corny line once...and they said 'time heals'. Something like that. I wanted to meet that individual and kick them in the face, because at times it feels as though something may never heal with time. Congratulations on one month of NC...it'll get easier!


Thank you! I can do this!

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Word up Reluctant

Have those same mock arguments too... I think I have prepared myself for every scenario except the Kobayashi Maru

I am in the same place as you Sasha - up and down, happy then sad, hours of no thoughts of her, then hours of no thoughts without her.


I wanted to kiss someone at midnight too... think about the worst five things about your ex and how those things go along with that kiss.

May work, may not, I am trying it tonight...

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I argue with the ex all the time in my head. Since our last conversation wasn't really a conversation, I never got to say the things I wanted to say (it wouldn't have mattered if I had,) so I find it therapeutic to get it out in a constructive way. It's like Gestalt therapy - he's already the empty chair.


I also have fantasies of actually saying these things to the ex if we ever run into each other; however, I know from past experience that by the time I see him again, I will have recovered enough that I won't really feel the urge to argue. Either that or I'll feel a tremendous urge to dive behind the bar and hide until he leaves... I'm not running from my problems, but I'm not running head first into them either.

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