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Huge Thank You To You All


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Hi, although i don't post often I'm always on here since i ruined my relationship many months back.

Anyway, wonder of all wonders she took me back!

I can't describe how happy I have become with my romantic life, sure most other things are still pretty bad but i feel i'm on the mend, and I would be remiss if i didn't thank the members of this great site for the support during the past few months. Something bad may have happened if I hadn't constantly looked on here and i wouldn't have the chance to be with her now, so once more...






My heartfelt sympahy to those experiencing heartache right now, never give up because who knows what's round the corner as i have recently found.

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Hi MR,

I am so very happy to hear your great news!!!! Congratulations sweety! I have been following your story and know what a hard time you have been through and how much you had suffered. I am so proud of you and so glad that this site helped you accomplish your goal.

You cannot imagine how happy I am for you. Everytime one of us at the site shares a news like this, I feel its from a family member. So best of luck to you MR and next time I have a beer I will drink one for you!!!!Glad you stayed strong till the end!


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