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Just an update here:


Well..... i pulled almost 2 months of NC. I completely dissappeared from my ex so it seemed that i just fell off the face of the earth. And last night I changed my aim settings to allow people that are not on my buddy list to see me, and she imed me. I was surprised to say the least, but i kept my cool. Honestly i have no ambition to ever be with her again. I also had no ambition to contact her on christmas or ever for that matter as i didnt think she would try to contact me either.


Well, she did.. asking how i am, the family, and what ive been up to since i havent been online in forever. I pretty much said nothing and kept from laying her out, in a manner of speaking. I really didnt like the way i was treated after the break-up... so i dont think that anger will go away. What do you all think of this? It seems to me that she has noticed me being gone.

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You did the right thing. I would tell you to just answer her "simple" questions. If she starts to get into the personal questions about your life then just cut it off.


I am in the same boat because I too was not treated very well and if she came back asking 20 questions about me I would cut it off and tell her that I have a cake in the oven I need to get back to. If you know what I mean?

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if my ex were to ever try to contact me, for whatever reason in the next few months, i would say to her 'i dont want to see any text from you, letters, emails nothing.. unless its a sincere apology to what you've done'' ..



only accept communication from them if its goign to help you, not them.

also, demand clarity from the messages, you dont deserve to be left hanging and wondering what they mean by a peticular message



and dont fall for tricks.. it hurts more and more in the end.

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Yeah... ive been there for that months ago. It was definitely a tough time. And in the end i did feel like crap.....Fast forward to now. Im ok with the communication that she seemed to want to start because i already know for sure that she doesnt want to be with me. Nor do i want to be with her. But i also know for a fact that she doesnt want me completely gone from existence. So i cant get anything broken if i have nothing left to break. Plus ive had other women anger me after her. hahaha. So for me, i have finally moved on ( from having feelings for her, and any thoughts of reconcilation). In any other case though, i definitely would heed your advice. Actually i would profess it.

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